with the pulley or the rubber bands, which alternatives and which muscles have worked?

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with the pulley or the rubber bands, which alternatives and which muscles have worked?


If you want to improve your posture, one of the best exercises is at hand and can be done anywhere: face pulls.

Face pulls are bodybuilding exercises that work the upper body and improve overall shape, especially the upper back, but also the shoulders and neck. Face pullovers are very often used by top athletes and gymnasts. Although they are an important part of strength training, they are not necessarily well known to the general public!

draw face ‘face sweater‘: why do it? Muscles worked, posture …

The face pull is a pull exercise that works the back and neck muscles. Above all, it will be the most worked muscle the rotator cuff, at the level of the shoulder blades. Particularly weak zone in many people who go to the gym, this upper back muscle group is important and is only really targeted from only a few exercises, such as pull-ups. For the stability of the shoulders, the health of the spine and the joints of all these muscles (deltoids, trapezius …), do a few shots!

In short, a somewhat magical exercise that is part of the methods proposed to improve posture and avoid the neck forward, a syndrome seen in sedentary people. The face pull technique consists of pulling a weight towards the face (fixed weight or bar), then gently releasing. Note that the 3 phases are very useful in this exercise and therefore it is necessary to proceed slowly, with control and slowness in the movement.

The Face Pull: Do the exercise right

As we said, the important thing is to regularly include a few reps and a few sets in your bodybuilding program. It takes 5 minutes to improve your posture, as long as you do the movement well!

Make sure you add some face prints at the end of the session, or in the beginning to warm up this area (if you are not in a sitting too aggressive for the upper back, who will need care and not such a dynamic warm-up!).

  • Concentric phase : when you bring the weight to your face
  • Isometric stage : when you hold your weight against your face
  • Eccentric phase : when the weight is released, checking to maintain a contraction in the muscle

The face pull is very beneficial for posture because it improves the stability of the spine and upper back thanks to its work on the rotator cuff and on the trapezoids. To perform a good Face sweater, we recommend a pulley like the one you have in the gym. A light weight of a few pounds, so count at least 10 very slow and beautiful reps!

Pullover side with elastic, ballast, pulley …

Face Pulls are therefore excellent for posture, for the back and shoulder muscles and for the health of this area. But on one condition: it is not a competition!

So make sure, regardless of your weight and variant, to proceed slowly and with permanent control over the movement, even if that means taking on very little weight. At the pulley (see video above) is the most practical, otherwise:

  • L’the elastic also allows you to pull the face, but you will need low resistance. If you only have a large, hard rubber band to pull, focus on the eccentric phase by pulling with your body and controlling only the descent.
  • With a bar, dumbbell or weights, the face pull becomes more complicated. Rather, you should To do boating, that is, using gravity as resistance. Bend over for it and do the same movement but from the bottom up.

There are therefore several small methods for this exercise. Effective variants that will always do the muscles in question equally! Note that there is a last variant, without weights: lie down against a wall, back completely flat, and “push back” with the contraction of the shoulder blades. This isn’t the most practical, but it can help you if you don’t have access to the gym or equipment!

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