The Strongest Exercises to Build Chest Muscle Growth

Breast workout for men and women

The effectiveness of chest muscle training depends on proper load distribution and regularity of training, as well as adequate rest and a balanced diet. The anatomy of pectoral muscles in men and women is almost identical, the physiology of muscle work is also almost the same, so the methods of development of chest muscles are the same.

How to pump a man’s chest muscles

Men can do chest workouts without any restrictions – the more developed the muscles and the better the relief – the better. The main thing is to maintain a balance so that the chest is not more developed than the back and legs. For the rest – just a proper diet with enough protein and persistence in regular training.

How to build chest muscles for women

Yes, it’s good for girls to pump their breasts too. At least for those who have natural breasts. You can start with floor push-ups and then do the same things as men: press-ups, dumbbell lifts, push-ups on bars, trainers, etc. – As for willpower and determination. In case you’re worried about shrinking your breasts, making them stiff, etc., you’ll want to do the same. – Here are two articles: Myths about women’s breasts from one woman’s personal experience and Men’s perspective on myths about women’s breast training.

For men with well-developed muscles, the general rule of thumb is that the less fat, the better the relief and the more interesting the look. For women, the opposite is more likely to be true. The “rounded” shape that pleases the male eye is created to a greater extent by adipose tissue. So, for a physically well-developed and fit girl (no hanging fat folds) drying will lead to the opposite result, not improving, but worsening the look. The more prominent your muscles, the thinner and wiry your chest and butt will become, turning you into a “skinny fat guy” who will not attract the attention of fans. Acquaintances instead of ecstatic raptures will rather sympathetically ask, “You’ve lost so much weight…. Are you sick?”

That’s why girls need to exercise in moderation when it comes to fat burning and drying out. If you see less and less envy and more sympathy in the eyes of others, it’s time to stop. Give yourself a few pounds, and harmoniously round off your advantages, enliven the disappearance of the envy of friends.

The main thing – do not succumb to discouragement, and regularly exercise. Do not forget about good nutrition, which is important to train your pecs, and keep your energy and optimism!


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