The Strongest Exercises to Build Chest Muscle Growth

The visual shape of the breasts is primarily shaped by the pectoral muscles and posture, so it is important to exercise your chest muscles. A handsome, pumped chest for a man or a firm, lifted and well-shaped chest for a woman is a source of pride and, if you will, a calling card for those who care about their bodies and health. But this begs the question: how do you achieve perfection?

How do you build chest muscles?

Chest strengthening exercises with your own body weight and on fitness equipment will help you develop your muscles, increase their volume and lose excess fat revealing beautifully sculpted muscles. But before developing your chest muscles harmoniously, let’s understand the anatomy.

Anatomy of the male chest muscles

Let’s start with the male chest. There it is more or less self-explanatory. At the top is the large pectoral muscle and below that is the small pectoral muscle. It is the large pectoral muscles that are most visible when you look at the figure. Hypertrophy of the large pectoral muscle is basically what determines the beautifully pumped breasts in men (and women). There are other muscles present in the chest area: the subclavian muscle, serratus muscle, pectoralis major, etc.), but they are either deep or small in volume, or almost

Anatomy of the male chest muscles

Are not visible from the front. The chest muscles are used to bring the arms together and pull them toward the body. Therefore, all exercises in which the arms make pulling or pushing movements involve the chest muscles in one way or another. With regular effort on these muscles, they will increase

and form beautiful and athletic breasts.

Anatomy of the female breast muscles

Now the beautiful female breasts. Some people think that there are no muscles in the female breasts. But this is not a true statement, because anatomically the pectoral muscles are present in both men and women. It’s just that in men the pectoral muscles respond faster to training, develop better and the trained muscles are visually more visible. In women, the pectoral muscles are hidden under the fatty tissue. So radically increase the female breast through training is impossible, it is possible either by increasing the amount of fat (but we must remember that fat – a harmful thing, it is deposited not only in the right places for you), or by surgery. Neither of them is particularly interesting for a young woman who is a grandmother and seriously cares about her health. And yes, even with pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts increase significantly in size and become, well, very attractive. But this is a slightly different topic. However, trained pectoral muscles can improve the shape of the breasts, lift them, make them firmer. Correctly chosen exercises to strengthen the breast muscles will improve blood circulation, and the muscles of the whole body and in particular, improve the condition of the mammary glands, which are responsible for the shape of the breasts, improve the condition of the skin, prevent sagging. But again, a kind of radical breast augmentation of 2-3 sizes can not be achieved by girls with the help of exercise.


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