The 10 most effective gym exercises to lose fat and have strong abs

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The 10 most effective gym exercises to lose fat and have strong abs


The gym it is particularly appreciated, because it adapts to all levels, can be practiced a priori anywhere and allows you to obtain good results without having to resort to sports equipment.

In fact, this discipline consists in repeating series of exercises. Some target the abs, others the back, shoulders or arms, but not all are equal in terms of effectiveness. Jeff Cavalierefitness guru in the United States, especially recommends 10 exercises gym.

With gymnastics, you don’t need dumbbells to build muscle.

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Pull-ups are ideal for strengthening the back and arms. Hang from a bar and use your upper body to lift yourself up so your chest is level with the bar. Repeat the exercise.

Pull up for the chin

In this exercise, your chin should reach the bar, not your chest. “You can change the position of the hands on the bar to adopt a supine grip and shift some of the effort from the great dorsal muscle to the bicep”, He advises Jeff Cavalier. “I’ve been building my arms for years with two exercises: this and the dumbbell curl.”


The pumps activate some of the larger muscles from the body. There are several variations and they emphasize different areas of the body. The key, says Cavaliere, is finding the right type of pumps for your needs and goals.

The bridge with flexion

Perfect for strengthening your rear, this exercise consists of training a bow with your body rest your shoulders on the floor, bend your knees, then raise and lower your hips. According to Jeff Cavaliere, it’s one of the few exercises that “can build muscle.” both the glutes and the hamstrings“.

Reverse hyperextension

This exercise is performed on your stomach on a bench or raised surface from which you lift your legs backwards by doing push-ups. Hyperextensionsstrengthen the lower back and buttocks”Explains Jeff Cavaliere. “They mobilize the extension force of the lower body and then allow you to feel more comfortable with other exercises, such as the bench press, which involves lifting a barbell.”

These exercises work on the whole body.

Rich Leg

Bar suspension

This exercise consists of hanging onto a bar with your arms. It is not a bodybuilding exercise in itself, but it helps develop the strength and endurance you need to perform other exercises and allows you to work on grip strength and shoulder stability.

Suspended leg lift

Great for strengthening the torso, this exercise especially the muscles abdominal muscles. Hang from a bar, slowly lifting your legs (trying not to move your body and keeping your legs straight). This exercise can be performed with the knees bent.

Balance of force

The balance in force consists in making a handstand. Does this scare you a little bit? Do it against a wall. In any case, be careful not to injure yourself as this exercise is quite technical. “It helps strengthen the entire shoulder girdle and is especially intended those with weak shoulder stability”Explains Jeff Cavaliere.

reverse line

This exercise is essential for build your back muscles. The principle: use your arms to pull your body towards a high bar and bring it to your chest. “Aim for the bar with your sternum rather than letting the bar take control of your body as it often does during a standard bar row,” advises the coach.


This exercise does it work chest, shoulders and triceps. It consists of placing your hands on the edge of a bench or between two chairs, then lifting yourself up with your arms in flexion-extension movements.


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