Schwarzenegger sends a strong message to Putin

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Schwarzenegger sends a strong message to Putin


The Terminator has spoken. So far silent in the context of the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed himself in a long video of over 9 minutes posted on his Twitter account. The former bodybuilder, turned politician, spoke directly to the Russian people to tell them “the truth“. He also took the opportunity to call Vladimir Poutine.

Schwarzenegger wants to deliver “the truth” to the Russians

I speak to you today because there are things that happen in the world that are hidden from youhorrible things you need to know“, The former actor began, Russian subtitles appeared at the bottom of the video.

“Three million Ukrainians are refugees and have fled their country, mainly women, children and the elderly. This is a humanitarian crisis. JI urge the Russians and Russian soldiers in Ukraine to understand the propaganda and disinformation that is being passed on to you. I ask you to help me spread the truth. Let your Russian friends know about the human catastrophe taking place in Ukraine. ” he launched, explaining that he had a great love for Russia, a country in which he shot many of his films.

The one who has physically transformed since the end of his bodybuilding career also paralleled the story of his father, a soldier in Nazi Germany during World War II, to urge Russian soldiers not to make the same mistakes:

I know your government told you it was a war to denazify Ukraine. It’s not true. Ukraine is a country with a Jewish president whose three uncles were killed by the Nazis. Ukraine did not start the war, neither the nationalists nor the Nazis. It was those in place in the Kremlin who started it. And 141 countries at the UN assembly recognized Russia as an aggressor. They called on the country to immediately withdraw its troops

Vladimir Putin taken aback

In the midst of this message to the Russians, Arnold Schwarzenegger targeted one of them: Vladimir Putin. Quoting the Kremlin resident directly, the former California governor summoned him to end the conflict: “You started this war. You are fighting this war. You can stop this war“.

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