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Running or cycling, sporting outings in Guingamp


Athletes find a nice playground in Guingamp.
Athletes find a beautiful playground in Guingamp, particularly along the Trieux. © FLP

The athletes find their happiness in Guingampwith a multitude of routes to run or cycle at your own pace, in protected areas, close to the city, but far enough away from traffic.

The banks of the Trieux are one of the main playgrounds for athletes. From Sainte-Croix to Pont-Ezer, we follow the Trieux on very well structured banks. It is flat, you can move and cross it very easily without difficulty. We see people, some animals sometimes even by the river.

Flat or with elevation

The Castel-Pic wood it is also very popular with runners. But whoever rubs it gets irritated: the site has a good difference in height and, climbing up the buildings, you reach the highest point of the Guingamp.

Cadolana Valley, between Guingamp and Ploumagoar, has reopened after several months of construction. The site has been completely redesigned. Very walkable, it lends itself very well to jogging, in the extension of the banks of the Trieux, via Rustang and the Cadolan sports field for example.

Kergre wood. In the commune of Ploumagoar, it is another very beautiful place. It can also be accessed from the Cadolan Valley, climbing slightly at a trot towards the village of Ploumagoar. What a nice circuit can do from Kergré to Pont-Ezer, across the banks of the Trieux.

The Cozen sports area. A little less known, it is also an ideal place for sports enthusiasts. Athletes of all kinds, as you can play tennis there or in the city. The small BMX track also makes people happy. There are a few weight machines there as well, as well as a small running trail in the woods, around the zipline and small tree climbing trail. We are not very far from Castel-Pic as the crow flies, this detour can be added to a wider cycling or running route.

Roudourou. From the banks of the Trieux, in Pont-Ezer, we can go up a lovely path that takes us behind the Roudourou district, along the stream. A nice circuit, with a good elevation gain anyway, that you can climb up to Plouisy if you want to push the exploration a little off the beaten track.

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The shooting range. Runners love this place in Plouisy. There are several possible loops and it is flat, each one trains at their own pace and according to the desired distance. Unavoidable.

A sports course

Pont-Ezer. Do not forget the Pont-Ezer sports course. A muscle building circuit is offered, with some exercise suggestions. Abs, pull-ups, girdles, there is something for everyone!

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