Why is the demand for diatomaceous earth constantly increasing?

Diatomaceous earth comes from diatomite, a rock concentrated in silica and which is formed thanks to the accumulation of microscopic algae. Its properties are such that it can be used as a raw material in industry, in this case in the fields of chemistry, cosmetics and construction. For ordinary people, diatomaceous earth is an insecticide. From this point of view, its demand on the market is constantly increasing. Find out the reasons for this craze here!

The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth

Also called diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth is widely in demand commercially, mainly because it is useful. The effectiveness of this product against harmful insects has earned it the appreciation of families in France and in many other countries. Traders are offering more and more to meet the expectations of people who no longer find satisfaction with conventional insecticides. Diatomaceous earth has established itself on the market as a very simple product for controlling insects of various species.

The versatility of the product is one of its main strengths. In fact, diatomaceous earth is used to tackle pest infestations in homes, offices, shops, and even farms. Some professionals do not hesitate to recommend it to treat areas invaded by insects as soon as possible. The product is used to permanently eliminate bedbugs and cockroaches, thus proving to be useful both in homes and in professional premises.

Pets can get rid of fleas that bite them and suck their blood with diatomaceous earth. This insecticide limits the proliferation of insects by shortening the development of the larvae. If diatomaceous earth is constantly in demand, it is also because it is used more for gardening, agriculture and livestock work. The product serves to protect plants from caterpillars and other harmful insects. Used in a chicken coop, it protects poultry from lice bites. As you can see with ECO diatomaceous earthdiatomaceous earth is a natural product, which strengthens its interest in the market.

The ecological character of diatomaceous earth

Chemical insecticides may be successful in eliminating their targets, but for the most part they represent an environmental problem. They must be handled with care to avoid risks to human and animal health. Their use in agriculture is a subject that continues to fuel controversy. And for good reason, some chemical insecticides don’t just make pests disappear. They undermine the integrity of the soil and impoverish it by eliminating some essential components.

Likewise, plants sometimes suffer the consequences of using chemical insecticides. Some products are so concentrated in high-risk chemical ingredients that they are intended for professional use only. For all these reasons, diatomaceous earth presents itself as an alternative solution to carry out disinfestation in an ecological way. In most cases, the product is extracted from the diatomaceous deposit by mechanical methods. Therefore it does not contain chemical ingredients. Faced with environmental challenges, this type of product is appreciated by consumers.

The ecological character of diatomaceous earth makes it more interesting than chemical insecticides. You just need to know how to differentiate the insects in your home to use this product. You can still tell the seller the species of insect you want to get rid of so he can address you. We remind you that diatomaceous earth is commercially available in ground and micronized form. It is the same product and it is only the particle size that differs from one shape to another. A few tips are enough to master the handling of this insecticide.

The ease of use of diatomaceous earth

One of the reasons why the demand for diatomaceous earth continues to increase is its ease of use. Without being a professional in the treatment of parasite infestations, you can use the product without any risk. For use diatomaceous earth, protect only the respiratory tract and eyes. For good reason, the product is certainly harmless, but it could cause irritation if inhaled or in contact with the eyes.

Diatomaceous earth spreads to insect-infested places. Be sure to scatter it in the corners of rooms and hard-to-reach places where little creatures like to hide. For the garden, the product can be mixed with natural fertilizers (compost, manure …). In this case the product will play a double role: that of insecticide and fertilizer. If you want to save your dog or cat from fleas, use diatomaceous earth for their bathroom. Also sprinkle the space in which he sleeps with the product. You would have understood it; you don’t need special skills to use diatomaceous earth.

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