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The SPA announced in early 2022 that 7,202 animals are waiting for a new owner at its 62 sites.  © Cretinon / Txakurrak
The SPA announced in early 2022 that 7,202 animals are waiting for a new owner at its 62 sites. © Cretinon / Txakurrak (Cretinon / Txakurrak)

With the advent of a society increasingly connected and focused on reality, between photographic and video platforms, it would have been thought that the awareness of the living conditions reserved for our pets would have been massive and that the behaviors would have been adequate. Lately, compartmentalization in the home and health regulations have felt arbitrarily imposed from the outside, alluding to a new wind, perhaps a new way of conceiving living.

The major campaigns against abandonment have reached a maturity of action that sees them impose themselves as public evidence, but the data for the care in kennels show that a word accepted as common “common sense” does not always have the expected effects on individual behavior . Would we be surprised when we work daily in a shelter for stray dogs and cats?

Again, a naive and uninformed person might believe in the certain joy of the owners, finding their lost pets safe and sound through the kennel and that the financial worry caused by the few fees charged to make them more responsible would weigh very little in the balance. against the relief of having recovered a full member of the family, wagging his tail or purring without demanding any explanation of his fate. Anger, sometimes insults, mark the life of the structures that will have taken care of them.

The same fundamental movement afflicts our society, equal treatment in the face of the rule is progressively gnawed by a new conception of individual freedom that violently upsets the very idea of ​​fraternity.

What do we mean by these mood swings of isolated individuals who regularly animate exchanges at the Bayonne SPA refuge in recent years, and which are to be found wherever the norm tries to apply, public administrations, schools and even families?

The Me, a small four-legged beast that we love to cuddle, does not like to be upset. If he wants to let off steam somewhere, he doesn’t want to be bothered. If he has decided that he can no longer take care of his pet, it is already too late, finding solutions for him boils down to this, he has the merit of setting it to music, pissing in a violin. His own law enacts the rule of maximum personal advantage, rarely that of personal sacrifice for the collective good.

The past year and the previous year, the animal attendance of our shelter has never waned. In a red thread, veterinary expenses that skyrocket, following the curve of wild abandonments (from the pound sterling) or official and paying requests.

Of course, the dogs and cats we welcome will know, at least for some time, a place of life, certainly precarious but, without imposed choices, without anthropocentric rules, without any particular expectation other than to see them welcomed somewhere.

We close on a positive note: adoptions are on the rise, the generosity of the fans is impeccable, otherwise we wouldn’t be here long ago. Let us therefore avoid thinking that the murmur of benevolence does not exist behind the violent background noise of reality.

There are all those responsible, somewhat shaky pet owners who deceive to keep a piece of the sofa, who inquire about the inaccuracy of the received ideas about education, which joy inspires and tenderness will tell to subsequent generations. “Living without tenderness, we didn’t make it”, a song that says a lot about what remains to be generalized in the bond between man and the animals that he has tamed. We would like to complete it in chorus: “even without duty”.

For the numbers: out of 100 regulatory places for dogs, we have not dropped below 90 for two years; on the feline side we have more than 120 cats every year, a direct consequence of the lack of sterilization of many animals.

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