Raul Ariano, “with” those confined to Shanghai – Liberation

Over the past two weeks, Raul Ariano, confined to Shanghai, has videoconferenced the city’s residents locked in their homes. He accompanies these shots with excerpts from their diaries kept in this particular period.

Yilei, April 24. “For the first time in my life, I experienced confinement. Sometimes it is best to lie down and relax. I’ll take it as a long spring break. This confinement really reminds me of my summer holidays at school ”.

LinYiNan, April 27. “I moved to this place on March 28, the day after the lockdown started, and I’m stuck here with no furniture other than the bed and lockers. I am looking forward to receiving my new furniture, but I don’t know when it will be possible. “

Dai (presumed name), April 20. “Don’t overestimate yourself. Your life means nothing, either macroscopically or microcosmically. Don’t devalue yourself, some value will emerge from a meaningless life. Studies have shown that people get dumber when they multitask, so don’t expect too much in the future. Watch / recommend the film Idiocracy laughing while in prison.

“Working from home, fighting online, fighting over food, taking care of parents, family and children, not having enough space in the refrigerator, taking a blood test. Humans are the biggest insects on this planet, we are too sure and we put human life before anything else. Who has the right to decide who can eat, who can have pets and who can be used as a tool. My idol is Thanos, the Marvel character. STOP to wickedness, STOP to stubbornness, STOP to people sticking out their noses. Just follow what you are told. TAKE THE COVID TEST, GET VACCINATED “.

Du Qin, April 19. “My feelings have many different expressions. At first I felt helpless and useless. So far I am doing my best to do what I can, I guess I am not entirely helpless.

“I gradually begin to focus on the bright side, to believe in a better future through the power of ‘we’. There are many things that can be taken away from us, but beliefs won’t be. I think we’ll make it, but I won’t forget all the pain either. “

Lee Lin Chi, April 18. In his drawing, volunteers and medical equipment during the test sessions.

DoLa, April 20. “Diary of containment, 33 days of imprisonment. My feelings are ups and downs, but I’m trying to calm down. I want to eat well and live well, tomorrow will be better ”.

ManChunHin, April 20. “I was infected with Covid-19 while waiting in line to take the test. I was taken to a quarantine camp for ten days where I slept in a swimming pool converted into a quarantine center with 200 other people. I got cured, as they didn’t give me any medicine in the quarantine camp, and I went home. I just want to eat McDonald’s. “

XiXi, April 24. “A spring to hibernate, to sleep in the spring.”

Qianru, April 20 referring to people living in utopian countries far from reality: “If you don’t know the Han dynasty, how do you know the Jin and Wei dynasties?”

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