Objective shattered for the Hermitage Foundation

Despite the pandemic, the Hermitage Foundation’s 2021-2022 campaign, with doctors like Louis Auger and Isabelle Lemieux as honorary presidents, far exceeded the $ 400,000 target by raising $ 641,387. .

The money, as indicated by the Foundation last year, will be used to continue the project to upgrade the central units of the Chêne reception center.

“We have put our honorary presidents in a dangerous situation again this year with COVID. We had to reinvent ourselves like all foundations. But it must be said, however, that, in the region, we are lucky, because our foundations continue to be active. The campaign went well, even if various activities could not be carried out, thanks to the generosity of the members “, underlined the president of the board of directors of the Fondation de l’Ermitage, Philippe Rancourt, before giving the floor to the honorary presidents.

Despite the more unusual two years of the Foundation’s existence, the honorary co-chairs, Dr Lemieux noted, have witnessed the extent to which the organization has been able to get involved and complete its fundraising campaigns.

Incredibly important funding for the realization of projects. “These projects make it possible, in particular, to improve the well-being of residents, to make the environments healthier and more suited to their various needs. As a doctor who works on the floors of CHSLDs, I see the concrete positive impact on the well-being of the residents, “she confided, saying she is confident that the work that will come to Chêne will allow to recreate an impression of home for the residents.

Dr. Louis Auger thanked the generous donors and staff of the Foundation. “We are happy to see you in person,” he said at a press conference, adding that golf was the only activity held in attendance.

“Thanks to you who work from the heart, who are there to assess needs, initiate projects, organize events and encourage philanthropy in the region. And thanks above all to the donors who allow the various projects to be carried out. Nothing would be possible without them. Every donation counts and makes a difference, “she said.

For these doctors, the honorary presidency allowed them, Dr. Auger noted, to realize the importance of community mobilization to improve the well-being of the elderly in the region. “We see this concretely in our daily work. It is possible to transform a care environment into a more pleasant and more customer-friendly living environment, ”he said, happy to be able to say that the mission is accomplished. “The campaign over the past two years has been a success. Against all odds, we did not expect to achieve our goals with virtual activities and events that could not have been held. But we have achieved them. This is our greatest pride, for me and for Isabelle, ”he concluded.

A new campaign launched

The Hermitage Foundation is starting over by launching its 2022-2023 campaign. To make it happen, he recruited, as honorary presidents, Martin Laliberté and his wife Vicky Beaudoin, the co-owners of the Rhésus company who accepted “without hesitation and with pleasure” to take up this challenge. “We immediately felt challenged by the mission of the Foundation. Engagement with her is full of meaning for us as we strongly hope to inspire our community to participate in this campaign and thus contribute to perpetuating the legacy left to us by our elders, those who built today’s society. “, Formulated Martin Laliberté. .

The Foundation, said Philippe Rancourt, is always looking for the needs, the new and the best for the approximately 300 residents of the three residential centers of Chêne, Roseau and Warwick.

This year, the campaign has two main components: leisure and safety. In terms of free time, the Foundation will finance the purchase of bicycles adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility. “We want to take the residents out, take them out to play after two years of imprisonment. We came across jewels, on these bikes that are creators of inclusion, they are insulating, an engine of well-being and happiness, said Philippe Rancourt with philosophy. They were specifically designed with the aim of enabling seniors with a loss of autonomy to once again experience a freedom of movement that they thought had been lost. “

In addition, the Foundation will be equipped with four “magic” tables, tables that offer projections of light, creating awe and wonder. “It is specially designed for people with Alzheimer’s because it will stimulate them. It will give them the opportunity to socialize and also to reduce the apathy that arises with the disease “, explained the president of the Foundation, adding that about 80% of customers suffer from cognitive loss.

Among the projects there is also the purchase of about forty robotic dogs and cats. “There is animal therapy with real animals. But we wanted to expand it with robotic animals that make noises and gestures. They look like pets, ”said Mr. Rancourt.

As a novelty, in terms of safety, in agreement with the families, the Hermitage Foundation innovates by participating in the installation of cameras and acoustic detectors in the prosthetic islands of the Chêne reception center.

“The staff will then be able to quickly see what is happening. Private testing shows that families welcome such a project, which aims to ensure safety. This makes it possible to intervene more quickly in the event of a fall, for example, or of problematic behavior of the residents, ”said Philippe Rancourt.

According to him, the Center d’hébergement du Chêne would thus become the first public CHSLD in Quebec to implement this technology to improve care and services.

To finance all projects, the Foundation needs “a lot of money, a minimum amount of $ 280,000,” the chairman of the board launched.


Several activities will mark the campaign, starting with the May mailing. The charity golf will take place on August 31 at the Victoriaville Golf Club, followed, on September 25, by a community activity that brings together the foundations of the Ermitage, À Notre Santé and the CLSC CHSLD de L’Érable.

This will be followed by the VIP dinner on November 2 at Complexe Grégoire et Desrochers, the oyster and bubbly activity on December 1 at Aire de passage, the charity cocktail on February 15, 2023 at Complexe 905 and the tasting dinner somewhere in March.

“And we have a big news this year, the Foundation will have a beer in its effigy thanks to the collaboration of the microbrewery L’Hermite”, announced the general manager Chantale Marchand.

Beers that bear the names of the refuges. Thus, for Father’s Day, La Chêne, a red beer, will be released. At the end of August, in time for golf, L’Étoile d’Or beer, an IPA, will be released and the third, a lager called La Roseau, will arrive for Christmas.

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