Dyson vacuum cleaner: which one to choose?

A Dyson vacuum cleaner for effective spring cleaning

Are you ready for the big seasonal cleaning? Let Dyson give you a boost! In fact, the brand offers a wide range of high-end vacuum cleaners among the most efficient on the market. Thanks to the many innovative technologies developed by the brand, cleaning your home will no longer be a chore.

Whatever the surface to clean, at Cdiscount you will surely find a suitable vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, by using a promotional code Cdiscount, you can take advantage of an interesting reduction on many models. To help you choose the right model for your needs, here are the main types of vacuum cleaners proposed by the brand.

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wireless vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaner is generally suitable for cleaning small areas. Works bagless: the dust is trapped in a container that is easy to empty and wash. Very easy to use, thoroughly cleans carpets, mattresses, tiles, rugs, sofas, etc. In combination with some Dyson accessories, it can also be used to dust the interior of a car or camper. Here is our selection of 3 Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners:

  • Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is the most powerful in Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaner range. It features laser technology to detect microscopic dust. Its patented “Hyperdymium” motor can adapt the suction power according to the amount of dust for better energy efficiency.

Compact and lightweight, the Dyson V12 Slim vacuum cleaner is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners on the market. With its “Laser Slim Fluffy” brush, it effectively cleans the floor even in confined spaces. The V12 Slim also has a self-detangling brush that quickly removes pet hair and long hair.

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  • Dyson Micro vacuum cleaner 1.5 kg

Weighing only 1.5 kg, it is the lightest cordless vacuum cleaner in the range. Despite its low weight, it has nothing to envy to other vacuum cleaners in terms of power and cleaning quality. In addition to an ultra-powerful motor that can reach speeds of 105,000 rpm, it features Radial Root Cyclone technology to prevent loss of suction. Plus, thanks to its compact 3-in-1 design, it’s more effective at cleaning hard-to-reach spaces than a Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner.

Basket vacuum cleaner

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice for cleaning large areas. Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, it doesn’t need a bag to collect the dust. Indeed, the Cinetic Big Ball is equipped with 36 cyclones to accelerate the air to over 180 km / h. At this speed, the centrifugal forces are strong enough to push the dust out of the air stream and provide an optimal suction rate.

Another essential asset, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with an automatically adjusting brush whose position automatically adjusts according to the surface to be cleaned. It is also 25% quieter than conventional models. Note that the Dyson range of cartridge vacuum cleaners includes 3 variants:

● Absolute kinetic Big Ball 2;

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● Big Ball Animal Pro 2 Kinetics;

● Multi-plane Big Ball Kinetics 2.

The robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean the floor autonomously. Thanks to an electronic module and integrated sensors, it constantly adapts its trajectory to cover the entire surface to be cleaned. It is also able to detect any obstacles and deflect them to avoid any risk of collision and damage.

In this range, the Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum cleaner is a reference! It seduces both for its elegant design and for its technical characteristics:

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● Patented cleaning technology that combines the Dyson V2 motor and the “Root Cyclone” system;

● A 360 ° vision system with Slam simultaneous localization and mapping technology;

● An innovative filtration system to filter 0.3 micron microparticles and allergens.

With the Dyson Link mobile app, you can control the vacuum cleaner remotely and choose a suitable cleaning schedule for each room.

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