“By authorizing the massive slaughter of Alpine ibexes, the state is following the lobbies of agricultural unions against the opinion of scientists”

Grandstand. A very sordid scenario is being prepared in the mountains of Bargy, in Haute-Savoie, where, once again, agropolitical interests risk prevailing over the protection of nature and scientific knowledge.

At a time when it has never been so urgent for humanity to learn how to conserve the biosphere it depends on, it is distressing to note that our leaders are once again prioritizing short-term management of health crises, at the expense of species. protected by law. The ineffective slaughter of wolves is known, the current plan to slaughter ibex, whose species has almost disappeared, is less so.

A unique human case

Yes, we are in 2022 and the French state is ready to indulge in a massacre of one of the rarest and most endangered species in France. Under the pressure of the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (Fnsea) and of the producers holding the Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) Reblochon, the prefecture of Haute-Savoie had already ordered, in 2013, a first massacre of ibex, accused of transmitting brucellosis to cattle.

This contagious bacterial disease is a zoonosis, mainly in animals, which can sometimes affect humans. Very present in ruminant farms until the end of the twentieth centuryAnd century in France, was finally eradicated. They are the domestic herds that previously contaminated ibex.

Archives: Slaughter of ibex suspended in the Alps

A single human case in late 2011, followed by a bovine abortion in the spring of 2012 and then the discovery of ibex cases in late 2012 led to the mass slaughter of 2013. After a legal battle led by environmentalists, public authorities since then they seemed to be moving towards a reasoned management of the disease with targeted screening and euthanasia, much more effective from the health point of view.

However, the prefect of Haute-Savoie, Alain Espinasse, has just signed a prefectural decree on March 17 authorizing the massive and indiscriminate culling of 170 ibexes in the Bargy massif area (out of a population of about 380 individuals). The reason given is the persistence of the disease, which could be due to a “Infectious reservoir” which affects the ibex population of the massif.

Fictitious consultations

But the origins of this type of disease remain difficult to determine, pets can contaminate wild animals and vice versa. For agricultural unions and the state, the culprit is always on the side of nature. This is once again a denial of democracy because the prefect ignores 84% ​​of the unfavorable opinions expressed during the public consultation on his draft decree! When will we stop these bogus consultations that demonetize all environmental democracy?

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