Brest: companies welcome people in great difficulty in the evening and on weekends

Offices in the heart of Brest
Marie-Laure Feillant, head of the Brest delegation of the Bureaux du cœur. © Brest side

Gerardo (1), 62, sleeps in his car in Brest. He accumulates precarious contracts and doesn’t earn enough to honor the rent. In the middle of the week he will be welcomed at Pierre Durrmann’s company headquarters. The pedologist and creator of the men’s shoe brand Upster offers him a room of 15 m2evenings and weekends.

Pierre Durrmann is the first entrepreneur in the sector to join the Brest delegation Offices of the heart. The association promotes the reception of people in great precariousness within companies, associations or communities, which have empty premises.

“The person welcomed is an adult, alone, without addiction or pets“, Explains Marie-Laure Feillant, manager of the Brest branch, created at the end of last year.

Facilitates rebounding

The host structure must be able to offer a place with a sofa bed, an accessible toilet (toilet and sink, optional shower) and a space with a microwave, kettle and fridge. A locker also locked, to allow the person to store their personal effects before leaving the premises for the day.

The Offices of the Heart have signed a collaboration with three associations, the CCAS, La Halte and La Croix-Rouge, who intervene after people in difficulty. “Our role is to find host companies and mediate between the three parties,” says Marie-Laure Feillant. An agreement is signed, for a lasted from three to six months. A monthly and collective meeting is organized to take stock and make sure that everything is going well.

Our goal is to facilitate the rebound. Allowing the person, in the integration process, to settle in and rediscover social ties, visibility.


“Everything is structured and easy to set up. The association is a real relay to alleviate worries “, assures Pierre Durrmann, who has received the favorable opinion of his 12 employees to take this path.

“It is part of the social and social role of the company, it is a push and, for us, nothing changes on a daily basis. You need to know how to trust. We can take it as a risk or an opportunity. “

Pierre Durrmann chooses the second option.

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A second company, the Hippocampe communications agency, has committed to hosting one person. A dozen others have shown interest. “We are at the start, we have received welcome by companies. There is solidarity in Brest ”, welcomes Marie-Laure Feillant. The antenna relies today on two volunteers. A call for volunteers is also launched.

(1) Presumed name

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