13 small and easy to care for pets

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These easy little animals that deserve our affection.


Easy little animals that deserve our love

We call it a spade spade: technically speaking, a pet that requires little care is a pipe dream. “I prefer to say ‘less maintenance’ than ‘little care’, because ensuring the welfare of any animal is a real commitment,” says Dana Varble, chief veterinarian of the North American Veterinary Community. Almost any animal, including pet dogs, furry cats, adorable ferrets, multicolored lizards, and even supposedly easy-to-care for dogs, can have health problems, especially if you don’t take care of them. This will naturally make their maintenance more complicated and more expensive.

All animals should be examined once a year by a veterinarian, because today health care can be provided to any pet, regardless of its species. “Aquatic animal vets can operate on your goldfish and I’ve even seen hamsters undergo CT scans,” says Dr. Matthew McCarthy, founder of Juniper Valley Animal Hospital in New York. “You have to understand that they can all seem low maintenance until reality sets in.”

Knowing this, animal experts recommend the following animals that are easy to care for. None of them require grooming or hair care like that given to a puppy. Most do not require direct daily care. And they have easy-to-manage habitats and food needs.

Impossible not to melt in front the most irresistible pets in the world!

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The green red spotted newt is one of the small pets that are easy to care for.JASONONDREICKA / GETTY IMAGES

Green newt spotted with red

Here is a big favorite with children. Matthew McCarthy had them in his childhood and recommends them to future pet owners who have little time to devote to their pet. These undemanding animals measure only 12 cm and can live 10 to 15 years. “You can keep them in a small aquarium and they don’t normally need heating if your house is well heated.” But if it’s nice where you are, or if you want to create a heavenly place for it, a reservoir of 10 gallons heated and lit it will be ideal.

The newt eats various live prey: earthworms, or commercial food for amphibians. Its slimy skin acts as a barrier against bacteria and makes it the better guarded type of pet than handled. And here’s what your pet shop might be hiding from you. Matthew McCarthy recommends favoring the eastern newt over the western one, which secretes potent neurotoxins that should be avoided.

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