ReseautAGE: participatory research for and with the elderly on nutrition and health

For several years now, a rather paradoxical observation has been made: populations live longer, but the increase in the number of years of life in good health is not proportional to the increase in life expectancy. And our metropolis of Clermont is no exception! In this context, taking comprehensive preventive action through the diet of the elderly could enable everyone to age in better health.

The ReseautAGE project, launched in January 2022, fits into this logic and launches a nutritional-health network to develop participatory research, bringing together scientists, all the players in the sector and the seniors themselves. ReseautAGE, funded by Clermont Auvergne Métropole, is managed by the Human Nutrition Unit (INRAE-UCA) in collaboration with the Mutualité Française and the CCAS of Clermont-Ferrand.

Why join RéseautAGE?

ReseautAGE currently has about fifteen public, private, academic, associative, citizen, etc. actors. (ARSEPT, CLICs, CCAS, CARSAT, IREPS, etc.). In the first phase, the actors who had expressed interest in feeding the elderly were identified. The meetings held showed a real interest and strong motivation of all to actively participate in the construction of this network. For the second phase, a collective prospecting phase will begin to co-build the operation and the main objectives of the network. To do this, we will organize collective reflection meetings, the aim of which will be the sharing of scientific knowledge and knowledge in the field. This will involve discussing the needs and expectations of the various actors and the possibilities in terms of network activity and organization. Implementation actions in real conditions will be launched to test the operation of the network on a participatory research pilot project.

If you are an actor in the department, which nutrition-health is among your focuses and that the principle of action-research through a participatory approach seems relevant to you, then join ReseautAGE to build action proposals together!

Get in touch and participate

Want to know more about the organization of future collective reflection meetings and concrete actions to be implemented in a spirit of cooperation? Do you want to help us “make some noise” help this network grow? You want to join the network ?

> Contact Emmanuel Mayoum GUEU, project manager, ([email protected] / 04 73 62 41 69) and follow the news of the network on its linkedIn page (ReseautAGE “Senior Health-Nutrition Network”)

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