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Nutrition: how to adopt better daily habits?

Herbalife Nutrition is a major player in its market. Its independent distributors accompany its consumers to provide them with advice on the use of the products, the basics of nutrition and fitness. An activity that allows them to help everyone by managing their schedules, and therefore their work-life balance. This is the choice that Florent and Céline have made since 2014. Each month, they support a dozen new people in achieving their goals and train others within their team of independent Herbalife Nutrition distributors.

Can you tell us about your experience with Herbalife Nutrition?

Florent: I discovered Herbalife Nutrition in 2014! At that time, I was returning from the Sochi Olympics and interrupting my career as a top athlete. My bobsleigh practice had made me gain ten pounds that I wanted to lose, and I also had to find an internship to validate my master’s in entrepreneurship. I did my internship, and above all I discovered a real passion for this field. Over the months I managed to lose weight and keep it at bay, and above all to support other people, motivating them to adopt a new way of life.

I was thus able to demonstrate to as many people as possible that better nutrition was within everyone’s reach, especially with a better breakfast (quick to make, nutritionally balanced and low in calories) and better hydration, with tea and aloe vera drinks. . The simplicity and quality of Herbalife Nutrition products have made this accompaniment rewarding!

Céline: At the beginning I was still an associate professor of SVT. I was just supporting Florent in this new path, then I started as a consumer following his plans. This allowed us to build together a new way of living, from the plate to the sport. I obtained excellent results, so much so that friends and colleagues asked me for advice and I ended up accompanying them and taking a liking to him.

I liked my job as a teacher, but I didn’t have many prospects for the future. I then became an independent distributor, first to get additional income. Quickly, our income for two exceeded our expectations! So I left National Education, and since 2017 we have been fully running our business as two distributors.

What are the advantages of working as a couple?

Florent: Our profiles are complementary! As a former top athlete, I pay attention to performance. Céline uses her experience to provide an educational approach. We share our daily life and our advice in the best possible way, and always with kindness. For us, lasting results over the long term and consistency are the two most important elements. We are used to telling consumers that we are not there to bring them a fish, but to teach them how to fish.

What about your daily business?

Céline: People contact us to check their weight, gain muscle mass, or have better eating habits. First, let’s find out about their eating habits and lifestyle. We then offer them an adapted program consisting of Herbalife Nutrition products. From day 1 we call them to find out if they are suitable for them.

We therefore accompany them every day to guarantee them a good experience! We share with them what we do ourselves: our recipes, our ideas for physical exercises, photos of our dishes, our advice, our shopping tips … Over time a relationship is created, which motivates!

Florent: Our business also lies in leading and training the independent distributors of our team. They are generally satisfied consumers who wish to accompany relatives. They start like this, they discover the profession and make an additional income from it. Some of them want to go further, as we did with Céline, and we support and train them.

Can you maintain a good balance between private and professional life?

Céline: Yes! This business can be done from anywhere, at home, on the road or even abroad. In the beginning we were for example in Grenoble, then we developed our business in the Paris region and today in the south of France. We were looking for a job with no time or geographical constraints. We had no children in 2017 and today we have two. Being an Independent Distributor of Herbalife Nutrition allows us to manage our time and family life as we wish: our first child was not once placed in the care of a nanny or daycare during the first year, he travels with us in the our travels for Herbalife Nutrition.

Florent: We were able to adapt our work to this new rhythm of life: when we were only two years old we followed about twenty new people every month. We have rebalanced operations and today we are over a dozen new consumers, in addition to the training and supervision of the team’s independent distributors.

How do you manage your community?

Céline: We communicate via private chats! These groups allow us to share our photos of the dishes, to answer their questions or to explain sports exercises on video. As soon as we recommend a person, the whole group can see him. This closeness creates a strong dynamic and a sense of belonging. Beyond a nutritional program, we advocate true daily support to help consumers adopt and maintain better habits. Our operation has created superb transformations from them.

Florent: These communities are formed online, but also in real life. Some people we follow are in our city. In this case, we invite them to join us in our nutrition club, where we organize events and activities to get to know us. We also invite them to weekly sports sessions.

Céline: We also have groups to supervise the distributors of our team, who, moreover, were mostly consumers before. This animation is based on sharing experiences and advice, so that the distributors of our team bring their community together in the best possible way, that is by adapting to the needs of consumers and maintaining a strong bond with each of them. We advocate a personalized approach, because it is essential to achieve good results, promote word of mouth and thus multiply the positive impact of Herbalife Nutrition around you.

Florent: A consumer of Herbalife Nutrition products, for example, came to me recently to ask for advice on how to prepare for a half marathon. I was able to give him tips to complete his training and improve his recovery. We train other independent distributors to adopt this approach, always with the idea of ​​helping each other achieve the best possible results.

What is the basis of your salary?

Florent: Our main source of income is the margin from the sale of nutritional products and the service we provide to our customers. Our second source of income comes from commissions and bonuses to animate and train the independent distributors who are part of our team.

Whatever the level, we all have the same motivation and the same passion in common: helping people achieve their goals. These are fitness goals for consumers. As for distributors, these are revenue targets, individual development goals… They want to give meaning and value to what they do every day. This search for meaning was experienced by many during the pandemic, so much so that many independent distributors who initially worked part-time are now doing it full-time. They realized that helping others (and sometimes their loved ones too) was their true calling.

Do you organize food events?

Céline: Yes! Our team can set challenges. In this case we are talking about 500 distributors who supervise about 2,000 participants for a few weeks. The goal is to encourage everyone to provide extra physical exertion on a daily basis, or to understand the importance of hydration, or to prepare healthier meals. These meetings also allow us to advise distributors, so that they can progress in their business and create a good additional income.

Florent: At the same time, we organize evenings and days with our consumers. These are cooking or physical activity sessions. These meetings are useful to get to know them better, but also to encourage discussions between them. We also regularly invite them to connect online to the monthly events organized by the company to find out about training sessions on nutrition, new products, recipes, etc.

As for our distributors, they have access to all our tools, namely the online training platform and of course the conventions which take place regularly throughout France.

What would you say to encourage readers to take an interest in Herbalife Nutrition?

Florent: They can be accompanied by motivating and inspiring people! Each distributor has its history and its working method. Anyone can find the formula that best suits their needs. In our view, there is no better option to combine quality products and community support, two essential elements for maintaining long-term results.

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