Music from the Candia Candy Up 2022 commercial

Candia takes us on an adventure with its new marketing campaign called “There’s a little bit of it inside”. From Peru to the Far East, the good taste of Candy Up and its vitamins are a help to get us out of many delicate situations. The music chosen for the commercial is an original creation for the brand and not commercialized.

candy up 2022 ad

Candia Candy Up Incas 2022 advertising campaign

Children like to have incredible adventures and to allow them to live up to their imaginations, they need a lot of energy. By launching his campaign “There’s a little bit of it inside”, the brand takes a humorous approach to feeding children. Candia with its delicious banana, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavored drinks is a delight that is also rich in calcium and vitamin D. candy they are also rated B on the Nutriscore. What to fill with a good mood, but above all with ingenuity to meet the challenge of the budding adventurer.

In this first video, Candia takes us to the heart of the lost city, at the foot of Macchu Piccu. The animated film created by theIllogical Agency features the funny and naughty characters represented by the Candy Up bricks. In their role as adventurers, they go to the discovery of an Inca temple. Map of the marauder and binoculars in hand, they discover the site of an ancient temple and are intrigued by the statues. When Strawberry Candy Up has the bad idea of ​​”guili-guili” one of the statues, she doesn’t seem to like it.

Little Candy Ups are chased around town with darts, desperately trying to escape their pursuers. Fortunately, their cow friend is always there to provide them with a healthy dose of energy with her vitamin-rich milk. Eventually they find the trick to make the angry Inca statues withdraw.

Candia Candy Up Olait 2022 spot

In this second video, the Candy Up bricks are in the middle of the Far West. They run, chased by a completely mad bull from Candy Up’s strawberry cowboy hat (him again!). Fortunately, the cow friend is not far and neither is the saloon. She gives them the dose of good milk they need and the solution immediately appears.

The three Candy Up bricks decide to turn the bull’s head by throwing his hat at each other in turn, which lands on top of the mill. The poor beast who can’t help but swear behind this cheeky colored hat ends up turning a blind eye.

What is the music in Candia’s Candy Up ad?

The advertising campaign Candia Candy Up “there’s a little bit of it inside” was played by theOgilvy agency Paris. For the advertising music accompanying the two spots, the choice was to imagine original music for the brand. It is therefore a new title for the two advertisements and unfortunately not commercialized.

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