“Eat better at the cinema”: the excellent initiative that will change the way of eating at the cinema by finally offering healthy and ecological food

“Better to eat at the cinema” is an association that strives for better food in everyday life. From school canteens to supermarkets, including company canteens, the topic of food is particularly important. However, the issue of cinema is not often addressed. The association “Mieux manger au cinema” wants to change the situation by creating a competition to fight junk food.

The cinemas mainly offer products with a very low nutritional score, but even this food is not environmentally friendly. The association “Mieux manger au cinema” then tackled this sector to make it evolve. This is essentially composed of actors from the culinary world, from sustainable development, but also from cinema. The agri-food sector should be noted: «The confectionery offer almost exclusively presents products that are often too fatty or too sweet, which we now know are harmful to our health, while paying little attention to the ecological transition in the Classes».

“Eating better at the cinema” aims to promote the best food in cinemas, but also in places of culture, and to offer personalities from the world of cinema, art and cuisine an opportunity to rethink nutrition. The goal is to create a link between culture and food, but also a space for exchange and action. During the pandemic, the association thought about the means of action, and the idea of ​​a competition “Eat better at the cinema” was the first.

The objectives of the association are multiple:

  • Establish a place for exchange and comparison between personalities from the cultural and artistic world, ecology and sustainable development, as well as catering to offer quality food in cinemas and other cultural venues or festival-goers linked to still and moving images;
  • Allow the development of specific and new culinary offers through the development of the “Eat better at the cinema” competition with the procurement of intelligent and adapted products, but also the development of a collaborative and shared platform;
  • Support the creation of food products and film projects through a dedicated fund and seek partnerships;
  • Communicate and raise awareness among professionals and the public on the issues of food and sustainable development, but also on the way in which cinema can address these issues.

The competition aims to change the food offer of cinemas, but also to stimulate creativity to propose original products to encourage companies to provide healthy and sensitive food to the issues of ecological transition. The competition is open to all commercial, social and solidarity economy enterprises such as agricultural, artisanal and agri-food companies. Young professionals can also compete and present a concept being developed. There are three categories: adaptation of existing products, creation, start-up. All submissions are welcome as long as they meet the following criteria: products must not contain controversial ingredients, must be suitable for consumption in cinemas, must be good for the planet, be creative and anti-waste. The products will be subject to the opinion of a jury already selected and chaired by actress Laure Calamy and chef Chloé Charles.

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