Carlos Ríos: his 9 simple tips to control your fat mass

We talk a lot about the different techniques to reduce the fat mass index, but rarely in such an accessible and effective way as the Spanish nutritionist Carlos Rios. Initiator of the Realfooding movement, he is one of the most influential dieticians on the Internet (and beyond) with 1.5 million followers on instagram. Here are some simple tips to learn how to reduce body fat without falling into excessive behavior. Warning: Losing weight and losing fat are two very different things. Carlos Rios : “You can lose weight by losing fluids, which can lead to dehydration. Or by losing muscle mass. This is not healthy. It is therefore more correct to speak of slimming rather than slimming, because what we are actually left with is fat. And to be able to reduce this mass, you have to give the body the time it needs to do so ”.

# 1. Get some good habits

The Million Dollar Question: Can You Lose Fat By Eating Processed Foods? The answer is clear: “If it’s a good processed food, yes. After all, a good processed food is like a home-made recipe cooked on an industrial scale. When made with real ingredients, gazpacho, hummus or guacamole can be healthy ready-to-eat options. Hence the importance of reading the ingredients list, or using an app to help you do so, and learning to avoid unpalatable processed foods that line ingredients with “weird” names whose presence in your diet is highly questionable. For the expert, the suspects to avoid in the first place in processed foods are “sugars, glucose syrups, fructose, oils (except olive oil), white flour … These ingredients contain no nutrients and only produce peaks. blood sugar which are not recommended, particularly because they cause a feeling of hunger, ”he explains Carlos Rios. Of course, the amount of these additives should be taken into consideration: “If a tomato sauce contains 1% sugar, it may be an option. Cookies containing more than 30% sugar should be avoided.

#2. Some processed foods can be equivalent to a home cooked dish

It all depends on the degree of processing. “Some transformations distort the product, others simply make it more accessible and easier to consume.” If it is logical that a processed product contains additives for its preservation, second Carlos Rios, the key “is to avoid those that contain sweeteners, flavor enhancers or dyes. The important thing is that the main ingredients are real ingredients “.

# 3. Plain Greek yogurt is preferable to sweetened skim milk yogurt

To understand better, let’s listen to the explanation given by Carlos Rios : “The best yogurts are those without added sugar (plain yoghurt) or sweeteners, because the latter cause the desire for sweets after ingestion. Additionally, milk fat has been shown to be more filling, so plain Greek yogurt will be more satisfying than sweetened skim milk yogurt. “If there’s one thing the nutritionist insists on, it’s that fat loss doesn’t depend on a single food, but from the combination of all the foods we consume throughout the day .. And when it comes to losing fat, the important thing is to burn more calories than you consume, in order to create a caloric deficit.

# 4. Eat a good meal and lose weight

“You lose more weight by consuming a large meal of real food than by skipping meals and eating too little,” says the nutritionist. Eating too little for lunch or dinner carries the predictable risk of snacking too late to compensate for hunger anxiety (not to mention the emotional implications of feeling like you’ve skipped the diet). “If you are hungry in the evening, you can have a substantial dinner, that is, rich in protein, fiber … For example, you can have mashed potatoes, cream of vegetables or sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and peppers and follow with grilled fish, chicken curry or scrambled eggs and vegetables, ”he explains Carlos Rios. You can also finish with yogurt and two squares of dark chocolate 85% cocoa or some hazelnuts. The expert says so.

# 5. And the coffee?

Although the ultimate goal, as explained Carlos Rios, or to try to accustom the palate to the natural flavors of food, if you do not know how to drink coffee without sugar, our specialist recommends a few drops of stevia or table sweetener. As for milk, it can be whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed. Or vegetable. “Skimmed milk is no healthier or less fat than whole milk. It is true that it contains fewer calories, but nutrition is a general calculation. Don’t lose weight by drinking skim milk. And plant-based drinks are a more sustainable option, as long as they don’t contain added sugars. “

# 6. Work to do

The creator of the RealFooding movement recommends eating bread between meals. “Better to avoid bread as an accompaniment to main meals because it provides extra calories that are unnecessary as we have to be satiated with food. It is best eaten whole, preferably for breakfast, as a snack or even for dinner, as if it were a meal in its own right, ”he explains. An example ? A sandwich with mackerel and pepper or egg and avocado.

# 7. Raw fish vs. Red meat

Sushi and poke bowl are supposed to be healthy food options, but Carlos Rios be wary of them, because of the accompanying foods, which are not necessarily recommended. Seafood sashimi is a perfect option, but sweet rice sushi should still be great. “With sushi you have fish but also too much soy sauce (which promotes water retention) and white rice coated in sugar.” Our expert prefers a good red meat steak. “Fish and meat, consumed in less quantity than vegetables, are good options. The bottom line is always to ensure that plant proteins outnumber animal proteins in the overall calculation. “

# 8. We go down the ladder

When following a weight loss program it is always better to rely on experts for the customization of the protocol and it is important not to obsess about quantifying one’s progress in weight loss: this is not necessarily reliable and this can lead to unnecessary demotivations. The dietician recommends weighing yourself only once every three weeks and taking other types of more reliable measurements: taking pictures once a month or measuring waist circumference in men (abdominal fat) and hip circumference in women.

# 9. For a weekend …

“One weekend can be enough to ruin an entire fat loss program. Maybe not in terms of weight gain, but slowing the loss, ”he says Carlos Rios bluntly in his book Come comida real: Una guía para transformar tu alimentación y tu salud. Social life isn’t always easy when you’re trying to reduce body fat, but for Carlos Rios, it’s a simple matter of common sense: “What’s the point of following a restrictive diet from Monday to Friday if you want to ruin everything by generating a surplus between Friday and Sunday? This does not mean that you cannot make exceptions when you want to lose weight, but they must not exceed 10% of the diet, which means that you can have one or two more gourmet meals per week (or a meal and a snack). “

Translation by Hervé Loncan.

Article originally published in Vogue Spain.

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