Calcium: nutrition, a resource to digest for Ramettes

After the passage of two nutritionists in the first part of the season, the Ruthénoises and their staff are experimenting with the protocol of the Ligue 2 players to regain balance. But it all depends on the matches.

To be effective and keep up on the football pitch, as in other sports, nutrition is as important as training. “It’s essential for performance”, confirms Victor Gayrard, the athletic trainer of the Rafettes. Alternating in BMF (football instructor certificate) and holder of a bac +5 in Staps (sports sciences and techniques and physical activities), the future coach studied nutrition and its benefits. And he’s working with the rest of the Ruthénoises management to adjust the protocol details. “The goal is to find a food habit so that they are 100% at the start of the game. You have to find the balance.” And for that, you need to experiment.

During the trip to Calais for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France (Rodez won 4-0), the Rafettes tried the Ligue 2 nutrition program for the first time on match days. Know, a classic breakfast around 9 h 15, with wholemeal bread, jam, dried fruit, pasta, chicken, eggsHe explains. And a snack at 11 h 45, a reminder to supplement carbohydrate reserves, with bread, cottage cheese or even dried fruit. But all this program depends on the matches, if they are away or at home, if they are at 13 or 14: 30 … And the physical trainer insists: The most important thing is the two days before a meeting, to stock up. A job therefore outside the weekends. For this reason, two nutritionists intervened with the women’s section, one in pre-season and one until December. “Everyone had an appointment to take stock and 8-10 of them chose to follow for a month”, says Victor Gayrard. But in the daily life of work and study, together with the many weekly workouts, nutrition is an additional exercise.

However, it could make the difference for the last five days of the championship and the recovery of the sixth (read alongside). And even if the Ruthénoise keep their first place and find the D1, where the level is several notches above. “We are not thinking about next season, assures Victor Gayrard, We have to finish this first. ” It’s actually still a bit far, but the Rafettes have never been this close.

A shot to play in Montauban

This afternoon (14:30) the Rafettes play the 17th day of the championship against a serious opponent: the Montauban, a team where Laure Sureau blood and gold has played for two seasons, and which, moreover, did not want to rethink his adventure at the club . The Tarn-et-Garonnaises are fourth, six points behind the Ruthenian leaders. The duel promises to be substantial. The Montalbanaises have the second best attack of the group (37 goals scored), behind Nice (2nd). And two of their players are in the top 5 of the best scorers in the group, with Charlotte Fromentin (5th, 10 goals), and even in the league because Mikerline Saint-Félix (12 goals) is the second best scorer of all groups. But the locals will have the most effective defense of the group against them (11 goals scored), which also has a good number of achievements to its credit (31). Not to mention that of Zoé Stievenart, last Sunday against Nîmes, which was not counted following the interruption and postponement of the match due to snow. The Ruthenian group: Libourel, Sieber – Sureau, Sevenne, Riquelme, Bogi, Hall, Canon, Guellati, Cance, saunier, Champagnac, Altunkulak, Stievenart, Morton, Devaux.

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