Angoulême: the big names in sports nutrition

Laurent Cardona, the club’s president, best known as one of the top 14 referees, has short-term goals. After the two shops in Bordeaux, “Tours, Poitiers, La Rochelle, Bayonne or Biarritz” is expected to complete the chain by January 2023. Two hires per store are planned. It also announces “Thirty shops in ten years”. The adopted Angoumoisin unrolls a map of France on Powerpoint. The icons cover the regions south of the Brittany-Alpes-Maritimes section. “We will start with the West before expanding. “ With an investment of € 250,000 per shop, the managers show an ambition driven by the good results of the first shop. Gross sales “multiplied by three between March 2021 and March 2022”believes Laurent Cardona, without giving an exact sum. “We have about sixty customers a day”strengthens Jonathan, his brother and director.

The body is like a battery. People come to my house to recharge faster, that’s all.

At the same time, Internet sales are on the rise. “We went from two to twenty orders a day”, assures Jonathan, who also shines on the ground of Fédérale 2 with Union Barbezieux-Jonzac. For now, shipments are handled in the back office. But the team is small. The duo plans to invest in a warehouse near RN 10 by 2024.

The brothers have been associated with launching their store in 2020

The brothers have been associated with launching their store in 2020


Seduce the general public

The rugby players started with a severe observation. Laurent explains: “the world of sports nutrition is not organized, with small shops” severely variable. “In the beginning it was often a guy from the muscu who sold you the supplements, even the products under the fur (like steroids Ed.)at the same time it provides nutritional advice, sports coaching, illustrates Jonathan, ten years at the helm of sports halls in the south. But you can’t do everything. ” These deficiencies have fueled the sulphurous image of dietary supplements. Considered chemical, man-made, even dangerous.

The brothers decide to go against the grain. “Here everything is square”brags Jonathan. The sellers are qualified sports coaches. “They can advise based on the client’s business. ” Each store rents a space to a certified independent nutritionist “who is not interested in sales”, Laurent Cardona insists. As soon as a client requests a thorough follow-up, they are referred to the professional. “We don’t mix professions, Jonathan points out. Nutrition is not just about eating eggs and chicken. ” A complex discipline that their employees do not claim to master.

The other pillar of success lies in the public character of the store. “We are not aiming for bodybuilding, but also for trail running, running, cycling, weight loss”says Laurent Cardona. Gone is the protein-free bodybuilder cliché about his bloating. “You get big arms by going to the gym, not eating whole cans of supplements”recalls Jonathan. He is working to soften the image of sports nutrition. “The body is like a battery, people come to me to recharge faster, that’s all. “

His speech begins to make its way. “Urban Trail week, people paraded asking us for bars for a charge, or a supplement for water. “

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