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Motocross. Enduro de Gomené: Raulois did not lose his hand – Motocross


Enduro de Gomené (first round of the Brittany Championship)

It was an eternity for him. For a year, Sylvain Raulois hasn’t touched a motorcycle. Victim of rupture of an anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in October 2020 in a test of the French enduro championship, the Breton rider returned to the race on Sunday, in Gomené, where he was sacked. And he won. “The competition has long teeth but it went really well, analyzed the future 33-year-old driver (in May). The weather was on our side, we didn’t have too much rain for the month of March. I made some good specialties. I fell once but managed to recover. “

A priesthood

The benchmarks weren’t necessarily there, of course. But the main thing was elsewhere. Because the year without motion was a priesthood. Especially on a psychological level. “I would never see any more races, says the former champion of Brittany. I stayed home to work. Going to events to see others run, it hurt too much “. Physically, he went into overdrive. Physiotherapy, cycling, bodybuilding sessions. Although the seven-hour day on the bike seemed very long, this Sunday Raulois will once again be one of the great protagonists of the Breton championship, in which he has just won the first round, and of the French championship, in which the inauguration will be given in Luc (Var), the weekend of 16 and 17 April.

Another state of mind

Residing in Rennes, where he works for a Paris-based car rental company, the Bretilliens, whose family is originally from Gomené, will drive without pressure this season. “There is still some apprehension. Because I’m coming back from injury, because I’m starting to get old too. I’m not a veteran but, on the bike, after 30 years, it starts pulling. You are not as hot as before, you take less risk. You think differently. But always win.


ThereG.EU 1. E2: 1. Sylvain Raulois (Gomené); 2. T. Hervé (Gomené); 3. F. Guillemot (Pays Glazik); 4. L. Berthelot (Saint-Carreuc); 5. S. Lecoq (Ploermel).

E1: 1. Elie Le Dez (Tréméven); 2. F. Le Falher-Lucas (Lead Du); 3. K. Zeghers (The fairy Viviane); 4. F. Montenay (Scaer); 5. Mr. Le Presse (Pléchatel).

League 2. E2: 1. Aureliano Bihan (Armorik Moto); 2. S. Gallier (The fairy Viviane); 3. V. Pointeau (The Viviane Fairy).

League 3. E2: 1. Anthony Gautier (Gomene); 2. V. Renaud (ACL Brealaise).

E1: 1. Guillaume Gorvel (Moto Verte); 2. J. Darzel (Saint-Carreuc); 3. G. Le Bail (Goudelin-Merzer).

Veterans. 1. Sylvain Eudo (Goudelin-Merzer); 2. F. Baron (Baleer Bro); 3. D.Charles (Armorik Moto).

Great veterans. 1. Christophe Riou (Scaer); 2. Fr. Evennou (Scaer); 3. S. Fichant (Scaër).

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