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Less than a year after his stage win at the Kreiz Breizh Elites, Johan Le Bon proves that he is still capable of winning in Class 2. This time, it is on his Tour, that we can almost qualify for the national team, that he raised his arms . The Dinan Sport Cycling rider won the second stage of the Tour de Bretagne, after several accelerations in the final. First to get out of the group, trapped by a group of about fifteen runners, then in the last hundred meters to kick off everyone and run away alone (see ranking). 31-year-old Breton is back with Direct Veil on this breathless ending, and its relationship with the Tour de Bretagne which is reminiscent of “I don’t even love you”.

DirectVelo: You’ve been trapped for a while, yet!
Johan Le Bon: The group was created on the bumps and that’s where we got screwed. I thought it would be a bit cooler with the sprinters. But many teams were represented, some got trapped and started rolling when they arrived on the circuit. I saw he was disorganized in two laps, so I put in an attack and came back with a Swiss Racing (Alex Baudin, ed). We are committed, we are back at the right time. At the top I saw that no one seemed to want to run, I said to myself, I’m trying. I managed downhill because I knew the last 400 meters were difficult. I’m super happy, it’s great to win the Tour of Britain.

What did you think when you saw the group of fifteen runners leave without you, then go out alone in the last hectometres?
I really didn’t believe it, there were many in front, with many teams represented. I saw that the trapped teams were disorganized in the collision, I said I try, without complexes. In the last difficulty I saw that there was no driver above the field, no one was trying to attack. Everyone was tired and so was I. Two kilometers is a lot against fifteen boys. The sensations are good, when there is no pressure we try. Mickaël (Guichard) also wanted to do it yesterday, he suited him well. When I saw him do it yesterday, I told Fybolia “You won that! “. For us N1, it is important and successful. It’s nice to win from the second stage.


Winning the Tour de Bretagne must be special for you …
The Tour de Bretagne is our Tour de France for the Bretons, we want to be successful. It is a source of pride, a great pleasure. It’s something that never really worked for me, I didn’t like it. So I am happy to win a stage, it is already a won race, the rest is a bonus. It was a small career goal, I said I wanted to win the Tro Bro Leon and the Tour of Britain along with a few other races. Now I can feel comfortable for the Tour de Bretagne.

Have you changed anything this year in your approach to the event?
I often left the Tour de Bretagne disappointed, this time I said that the Earth would continue to spin even if I finished in 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter. I think it’s the best way to do the Tour of England and the races, that’s how he smiles. It must be my fourth or fifth Tour de Bretagne, whenever I wanted to be a general he never smiled too much. So this year I told the team that I was coming here for a pleasure and, considering things as they are, I didn’t want to bother with the general. I’ll keep doing it, and then tomorrow if it succeeds, it succeeds, if it happens in the sprint, it happens in the sprint and if I care, they screw me. Now I don’t worry anymore. For us, an N1 is a winning race.


Even if you have sustained the pleasure since your return to amateurs, doesn’t it give you any ideas to see that you manage to win in Class 2?
It motivates me to win more races, but my career is behind me. With days like this we give ourselves ten years! And the days when things don’t go well, just a few days! (Laughs) But I don’t think about it, I want to keep having fun. This is the advantage when you are an amateur, you have a separate job, you don’t just have that, you feel more free. It’s fun to ride a bike like that. We have a good team, everyone is doing well, if I can make the others win I will do it, and if I can also break away. We will help each other out.

How do you imagine the defense of the shirt?
One second, it’s nothing. Mathis (Le Berre) is not just anyone, we know each other well, he often gets out of hand. I’m happy to get the jersey but it’s not a great gift for a week-long race (smile). However, we will try to keep it. But I can’t control 100 guys with such a big board. If I can keep it that’s great, but there are still five stages left, I don’t shoot myself or my friends in the foot. I’ll talk to them about what we can do and we’ll see tomorrow.

The final milestone is also judged in Lannion …
Lannion is home (smiles), but I don’t want to put pressure on myself there, even though I’m home. I might be disappointed that day, but I won my stage, I got the jersey. It doesn’t matter if it lasts one, two days or all the way through, I’ll have a shirt to put at home in the closet. The rest is bonus.

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