“I wanted to fight at home, in front of my world for a long time” – Mikaël Zewski

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“I wanted to fight at home, in front of my world for a long time” – Mikaël Zewski


Mikaël Zewski, who was facing Serhii Bohachuk, will finally be opposed to Mexican Carlos Ocampo Manriquez, on 25 March, at the Colisée Vidéotron in Trois-Rivières. The 26-year-old boxer has a record of 32 wins to a single loss, including 20 by knockout.

Bohachuk had no choice but to stay in Ukraine to help defend his country, which had already been plunged into war for several days.

“I am facing a change of opponent, but it is very similar to what I have had to face, so it is not a big adjustment for me,” said the Trifluvien, very relaxed. “We’re not talking about changing a right-hander for a left-handed, or a 6’1 boxer for a 5’6 boxer. Not only are the two boxers roughly the same size, but the caliber is similar between the two as they are both part of the world Top-10. “

“Right now, we’re talking about very intense training two or three times a day, whether it’s running, weight training or boxing. You can train six to seven days a week so you don’t get much rest. It is during the week before the fight that we will slow down to breathe a little. “

Ocampo Manriquez is currently ranked eighth in the World Boxing Organization (WBO). Zewski will fight in the super welterweight division for only the second time in his career. He is very excited to be able to fight at home.

“I have wanted to fight at home for a long time, in front of my world. I am happy to have the chance to do it in a brand new amphitheater and we are happy to have a boxing gala in Trois-Rivières. I will have the chance to be the headliner. , with us, at this point in my career where I will have to aim for big wins, so it’s really fun! “, he adds.

In this regard, Zewski does not hide the fact that the more time advances, the shorter his career becomes. The latter has just blown out its 33 candles.

“I can’t put an expiration date on my body, but we realized there are exceptions among 35- and 36-year-old boxers so I hope I am. I just turned 33 so there is a certain urgency to act and seek victories quickly. I have a good opportunity to have a good ranking if I go for this victory then I have to take it ”, he concludes.

Zewski finished 6th in the world before suffering defeat in 2020. The pandemic then took hold, relegating him out of the Top-15. However, with a win on March 25, he could return to the world Top-10.

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