“I opened his head with a dumbbell, I didn’t want to hurt my hands”

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“I opened his head with a dumbbell, I didn’t want to hurt my hands”


Some players are sometimes quite hotheads, to the point of being able to fully unlock. Sometimes at the expense of their teammates … A Hall of Famer seriously injured one of him in 2000. The worst in history? The culprit was pointing to another …

If he’s one of the best point guards in history, Gary Payton has also been a tough customer to handle under all circumstances. An inveterate trash talker, the Seattle franchise player has driven everyone crazy, even within his own team. And when his teammates answered him, he could go very far … too far, as we saw during a headache with Vernon Maxwell in 2000.

Overtaken by Hakeem Olajuwon’s Rockets, the rear was also strong heads and did not hesitate to provoke his teammates. As The Glove recently recounted, the two were friends, but that didn’t stop them from hitting on each other. After a stormy workout, Payton decided to send weight training equipment in her face! Big problem, it missed its original target and it was someone else who paid the price:

When Gary Payton threw … a barbell at Horace Grant

I said, “Wait a bit until we’re in the locker room and see what happens.” So I left the pitch and waited for him in the locker room. As soon as he walked into the locker room, I tried to hit him with a barbell. I didn’t want to damage my beautiful hands. Horace Grant walked over, stepped forward and accidentally hit him in the head with that weight, smashing his skull.

Imagine the hype this incident would cause on social media these days … The family doctor would inevitably be suspended for a long time for such an action and the case caused quite a stir at the time. However, the Supersonics have decided to fix everything internally, not wanting their stellar point guard to lose matches. So he got away with a simple $ 200,000 fine …

And Horace Grant, in this story? After all, the former Bull was the great victim of this clash between two teammates who, it will be remembered, were already great friends at the time, ironically. However, Gary states that the inside never really resented him:

Horace understood. He is also my boyfriend. Horace just said to me, ‚ÄúDude, you’re crazy. You know you are crazy. “

Notice that Gary Payton used a dumbbell because he didn’t want to hurt his hands. An appropriate decision for someone who has been nicknamed “The Glove” by his peers … Fortunately for him, she didn’t have to suffer too much from his stupidity.

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