How do you lose weight on your face without undergoing surgery? Simple tips and exercises!

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How do you lose weight on your face without undergoing surgery? Simple tips and exercises!


Spring is fast approaching and temperatures are slowly rising. This is the time when we usually start thinking about our summer bodies. We start exercising, counting the steps we’ve taken during the day, changing our diet and much more. All for one purpose: to lose weight. But while most of us focus on the abs, others aim to slim down the face. Is it possible and how long does it take? Stay tuned for more!

how to lose weight face cheeks

If you want to lose some fat on your cheeks, neck or chin, you’ve come to the right place. There are many strategies that can promote lasting weight loss and help you change your appearance without surgery. So, if you want to show off not only a perfect physique, but also a sublime, well-defined jaw, just like Bella Hadid, follow our helpful tips and tricks.

How long to lose weight on the face?

how to lose weight in the face for men

According to scientific research, practicing facial muscle exercises twice a day for 8 weeks increases muscle thickness and improves facial rejuvenation. If you’re aiming for overall weight loss and combining exercise with diet, it may take less time. It all depends on your lifestyle. But if your goal is to lose fat in one day, know that only makeup can help you achieve it. There are multiple sources trying to convince us this is possible, but I’m sorry to say … they are wrong. So grab your makeup bag and find out how to conceal a double chin with contouring.

What to eat to lose weight in the face?

how to quickly lose weight on your face

To make your face slimmer and stimulate this process, you need to consider a healthy diet. What does it mean ? You can choose any diet, depending on your needs and your general health, but the most important thing is to cut out the added sugars, consume fewer carbohydrates and more fiber. You may think it makes sense to eliminate fat from your diet in order to lose fat in your body, but that’s not entirely correct. This is a myth that can actually hinder your weight loss. It is therefore best to know the subject or consult a dietician. There are healthy fats, such as avocado, salmon, and olive oil, which can be incorporated into your daily menu without any hassle.

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Exercises to refine the face

lose weight facial exercise

Facial exercises can be used to improve facial appearance, fight aging, and improve muscle strength. In this context, you can try doing facial yoga six times a week. This will increase blood circulation and thus promote the lymphatic system. The result is a supple and firm skin. But if you want to sculpt your face too, add these exercises to your daily routine:

  • Inflate your cheeks and push the air from side to side.
  • To tone the muscles around your mouth, say X and O in succession as many times as you can.
  • Chew a piece of gum for about 10-15 minutes a day to make the double chin disappear.
  • To get rid of chubby cheeks, suck your cheeks by pursing your lips for ten seconds and then puffing them up. Repeat this 20 times a day.
  • Smile big as you grind your teeth. Hold this position for ten seconds and release. Repeat about 15 times.
  • Stretch your neck as you press your tongue against the roof of the mouth. This stretches the muscles under the chin.
  • Get a Gua-Sha massage three times a week.

If you want to redesign the oval of your face, you have to say goodbye to alcohol

why stop drinking alcohol

You also need to drink more water

learn to drink more water

Don’t be afraid to exercise! This will guarantee you long-term results.

exercise to lose weight

Getting enough sleep can help you increase facial fat loss.

why sleep 8 hours a day

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