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good reasons to enter the sheath


Sheath often comes in sports sessions. It is a way to strengthen the muscles, especially the core muscles. It is complementary to a cardio-type activity, such as active walking, jogging or cycling.

Muscle strengthening is recommended to be performed once or twice a week. This is important because it helps fight muscle atrophy. After age 40, you can lose 8% of muscle mass every 10 years. And those who say less muscle say less strength, less tone and also more risk of back pain and joint pain.

The sheath works all over the body, but it mainly stresses the abdominal belt, which is not limited to the big rights, the abs in a chocolate bar. It also includes the obliques and the transversus, a deep muscle that tightens the viscera and ensures a flat stomach.

With the sheath we also work the lower back, the psoas, located in the pelvis, and the buttocks. It is therefore above all a work of the center of the body where the deep muscles are engaged.

balance exercises

The sheath has nothing to do with inflation. In practice, these are balance exercises. We maintain a certain posture in contraction, from a few seconds to several minutes for the seasoned. It’s the art of building muscle without moving! Let’s say we work in isometry.
There are tons of lining exercises, but the best known by far is the plank. There are also plank competitions and the world record is currently held by a young Aussie who was able to hold 9:30!

Specifically, it rests on the forearms, on the wrists, on the shoulders, on the stretched legs resting on the toes. Above all there is no empty back. It does not get too much buttocks and keeps the head in the extension of the spine.

If we start, let’s try to hold at least 30 seconds, until it burns. If you hold out for more than a minute, you have a good sheath. If after 20 seconds you collapse, you will need to practice. You can start with 3 series, with a recovery time less than the duration of the effort. As simple as it is, the exercise is challenging. There are several variants of the plank, such as the side plank resting on the elbow, or against a wall, which is easier.

What is the benefit of this type of exercise? The static sheath, that is, without moving, is accessible to all. This is ideal, for example, if you want to resume sports after a period of inactivity or an injury and are afraid of getting hurt by moving. If you become addicted to exercise, you can vary the pleasures by changing the positions of the legs and arms. There are apps that allow you to train. The upside is that you don’t need anything more than encouragement.

Results after about a month

What benefits can we derive from it? If we run sessions of a few minutes twice a week, we can see results after about a month. We gain in tone and mobility. Its maintenance has improved. We don’t lose weight, but the silhouette is toned, the waist is slimmer, because the muscles tighten like a sheath dress.

It seems that Didier Deschamps, the coach of the Blues, is a true fan of the scoreboard. He said he exercised for an hour a day! It’s huge! He readily admits to being a little excessive. That said, many of his fellow coaches did not fail to point out in a very sporty way that he had lost his managerial silhouette and had regained that of a player.

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