French Days 2021: the best accessories for fitness and bodybuilding at bargain prices

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French Days 2021: the best accessories for fitness and bodybuilding at bargain prices


The French Days take place from 24 to 27 September 2021. During these four days, take advantage of promotions on a wide range of products available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Fnac, Darty, etc. Whether you are interested in high-tech items or grooming products, you are sure to find your happiness at a bargain price. But it is also an opportunity to find bargains on a wide range of sports accessories. Whether it’s building muscle mass, maintaining good cardio, or just having fun, there’s always a good reason to get back into sport without necessarily leaving home or joining the gym. GQ then surveyed the e-commerce sites and selected 14 gold-priced fitness and bodybuilding accessories for French Days. But hurry, there may not be something for everyone.

A weight bench

ISE adjustable folding weight bench

€ 142.81€ 95.99


The advantage? With this foldable weight bench, you can effectively work on your bench to strengthen arms and pecs.

A rubber band

YOUNGDO fitness elastic band

€ 19.99€ 12.31


The advantage? Elastics allow you to perform a large number of exercises without traumatizing the joints. They also improve your flexibility and mobilize all your muscle groups.

A kit of fitness equipment:

TOMSHOO 6 in 1 fitness equipment

Abdominal wheel + push-up handle + jump rope + hand clamp + 2 fitness discs + knee mat

€ 31.99€ 21.99


The advantage? This kit brings together accessories like a jump rope or abdominal wheel to build muscle without too much bulk.

A tower of power:


€ 99.99€ 79.99


The advantage? Simple to assemble, the power tower allows you to perform pull-ups, dips and even push-ups. It is suitable for everyone as it has 6 adjustable heights of the pull-up bar.

A connected bracelet:

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 strap

€ 49.99€ 38.99


The advantage? Whether outdoors or on a treadmill, this connected bracelet allows you to keep an eye on your performance and heart rate. It has 11 sport modes such as elliptical trainer, jump rope, yoga or rowing machine. A real motivational accessory to always surpass yourself.

An adjustable handlebar:

ATIVAFIT adjustable handlebar

€ 115.99€ 93.49


The advantage? Equivalent to 4 dumbbells of different weights, it allows you to quickly change levels from 2.5 kg to 12.5 kg.

Fitness / Bodybuilding Gloves:

Grebarley fitness glove

€ 17.99€ 15.29


The advantage? Made of microfiber, these gloves offer improved tensile strength and help prevent injuries. There is also a headband to facilitate the rapid elimination of sweat.

A mat:

ATIVAFIT Exercise Yoga Extra Thick Padded Mat

€ 27.99€ 21.55


The advantage? For floor exercises like crunches or girdles, the mat is essential to have. Its padding offers considerable comfort. In addition, it is easy to store and transport.

One (other) weight bench:

Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench

€ 99.49€ 79.04


The advantage? This weight bench with 7 adjustable levels meets all your exercise needs by adjusting the angle of the backrest. Perfect for both lying and sitting exercises.

A pull-up bar:

CROSS Pull-up bar from 81 to 130 cm with handles

The advantage? This extendable pull-up bar installs easily thanks to its tool-free mounting system. It can hold up to 200 kilos, which shows great solidity.

A treadmill:

ONETWOFIT foldable treadmill

€ 369.99€ 239.99


The advantage? With the onset of cold weather, it is difficult to motivate yourself to go for a run outdoors. Except that with a treadmill you can train indoors, in the heat and why not in front of your favorite Netflix series. Plus, this foldable treadmill stows away easily without taking up too much space.

A weight station:

KLARFIT Ultimate Gym 9000 Multi-gym

€ 1,599.99€ 699.99


The advantage? Transform your living room or garage into a real complete gym with this station that includes more than 100 exercises and weights planned for a total of 100 kg. You can even invite your friends for your next home sessions.

A set of bars and dumbbells:

Klarfit Power Forge dumbbell set 4x barbells 14x weight 97.5 kg

€ 399.99€ 189.99


The advantage? With or without a weight bench, these bars and dumbbells are an investment that will allow you to follow a full muscle program and build yourself quickly.

A water rower:

CAPITAL SPORTS Rowlympic Water Rower – LCD Display

€ 1,099.99€ 529.99


The advantage? Designated as the most complete device for both weight training and cardio, the rowing machine allows you to work your whole body. This designer rowing machine can be stored upright when not in use. It also includes an LCD display to monitor power, distance and calories

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