Force Fitness Musculation Ambertois resumes service to Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme)

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Force Fitness Musculation Ambertois resumes service to Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme)


“We are currently around 120 licensees,” explains the new president of Force Fitness Musculation Ambertois (FFMA), Arnaud Granéro, who succeeds Olivier Maisonneuve. “It is almost three times less than before the Covid crisis. We had risen to more than 300 just before March 2020 ”.

It must be said that the hall has closed for almost a year since the beginning of the health emergency. FFMA officials have however adapted as best they can to keep the club alive despite everything. After these periods of inactivity, they feared that some of their licensees who had actually turned to other sporting practices would not return to bodybuilding. “We’ve had discounts, says Arnaud, but we have people who haven’t returned. Officials remain optimistic, however, as enrollment has increased since the school year began. (look down).

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Investments in new machinery and conditions

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“We do everything necessary, assures Olivier Maisonneuve, now vice president of the club. We ask for the health pass … “
And the members of the office all agreed to point out, if the FFMA club managed to survive and weather the storm, it is also thanks to the municipality of Ambert. “We are hosted free of charge by the town hall, which also takes care of the fluids”, remarks Arnaud Granéro. A valuable support when we know that many private fitness and bodybuilding rooms have not been able to recover from the health crisis and have gone bankrupt.

“We are helped a lot. “

Arnaud Granero (empty)

To attract as many people as possible and encourage vocations in bodybuilding, the club’s executives have worked since its inception to offer high-quality professional equipment that is regularly refurbished. “We will soon be investing in new machines, announces Arnaud Granéro: a converging incline bench, a lumbar machine and a deadlift platform. “

Optimized ventilation

In addition to these new signings, the club intends to improve the conditions of the hall located at the Coral: “We foresee ventilation that works 24 hours a day, explains Olivier Maisonneuve. For the moment it is only operational for two or three hours a day. An important resource at a time when air renewal is more important than ever. The room should soon also be equipped with additional height openings for optimal ventilation.

Especially since peak hours are now ancient history: «Before there were times when we were full, says the president, but now we are few. An element that could play in the club’s favor or at least encourage the more fearful to return to training safely.

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And if the competitions are at a standstill for the moment, a meeting between the members took place recently, on the initiative of Lucas Chelles, an active member who often acts as a coach. “There were about ten of us and we had some great performances from the new attendees,” says Arnaud.

To guarantee access to the room, members are provided with an entrance badge. “These badges are activated by Laurent Fougerouse, head of Coral and the gym, emphasizes the president of the club. It serves us well. “

Laurence Tournebize, local correspondent

Young people and women. The club has registered around 30 new members in the past few weeks. “We have a lot of high school youth over the holidays, comments Arnaud Granéro, president of the Force Fitness Musculation Ambertois club. We welcome young people aged 16 and over, obviously with parental consent. Women are also welcome at FFMA: “Some think it’s a means of grown-ups telling each other about it. But before the crisis we had 42% women among our members.” The president insists that the club is open to everyone, whatever the level, “from 16 to 99 years.” For registration the stay is guaranteed on Thursdays from 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm Registration possible on


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