Football Nantes – Emiliano Sala, Cardiff denies this crazy rumor

The death of Emiliano Sala, tragically lost his life in January 2019 in a plane crash, continues to create discord between Cardiff and Nantes.

In January 2019 the FC Nantes and Cardiff City have reached an agreement for the sale of Emiliano Sala in exchange for 17 million euros. The Argentine striker had signed a three and a half year contract with the Premier League club but after returning to Nantes to greet teammates, the Argentine striker tragically died on his way back to Cardiff. His plane, in fact, crashed in the English Channel, costing the life of Emiliano Sala as well as the pilot and causing a wave of emotions in Nantes. Three years later, this story is still causing a lot of ink to flow. And for good reason, The Sun reveals that Cardiff City are claiming a colossal € 95m from FC Nantes by justifying that Emiliano Sala’s death cost the Premier League club relegation to Cardiff at the end of the 2018 season. . – 2019.

Cardiff asks for 95 million euros from Nantes

A rather bold accusation from Cardiff City, whose manager Neil Warnock believes that with Emiliano Sala’s goals in the second half of the season, the Welsh club would have gotten his hold in the Premier League. In addition, Cardiff City holds Nantes responsible for the incident that cost their former striker his life because agent Willie McKay acted on behalf of the Canary Islands by organizing the flight that cost Sala his life. There is no doubt that this argument will be considered inadmissible on the part of FC Nantes while the sum of € 95 million has not been defined at random by Cardiff City. Indeed, this amount represents what Cardiff believes it has lost in television rights, advertising and sponsorship due to its ancestry. Recall that the Welsh club finished 18th in the Premier League at the end of the 2018-2019 season and has not yet managed to move up to the Premier League.

According to the British tabloid, Cardiff City has a solid case and believes it has a good chance of winning in court. A version, however, denied up to inside Cardiff City For its part, in a press release published this Tuesday afternoon, the Welsh club has however denied the information revealed by The Sun at the beginning of the day. The Welsh club “He wants to make it clear that there is nothing true in today’s press articles regarding a compensation claim against FC Nantes. The suggestions that have been made can be totally dismissed as false “ indicates the club. A statement that has the merit of shedding light on the situation, even if the attitude of the Welsh club has often been highlighted, even during the various trials already carried out.

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