Foot PSG – Neymar fired from PSG this summer to calm the Ultras?

Unlike Lionel Messi, who will be fine, Neymar could leave PSG during the next summer transfer window.

Parallel to the file Kylian Mbappé, that the Paris Saint Germain is still trying to stretch, the capital club will face the Neymar case in the coming weeks. Back in shy form, the Brazilian international will not be held back by PSG in the event of an offer during the summer transfer window. It must be said that Neymar embodies with the fans what is wrong with the club, that is an evident lack of professionalism and a starification that has become unbearable for the Ultras, who avoided the Parc des Princes on Saturday to celebrate the title of champion of France. evening after the draw against Lens (1-1). On the RMC antenna, journalist Florent Gautreau advised PSG in view of the transfer window and for him it is clear that Paris must send Neymar out, even if it means paying him. It would be a very strong message sent to the fans by the management, which would make a good step in favor of reconciliation.

Neymar towards the departure from PSG?

There is something that everyone at PSG could agree with except footix, this is the case of Neymar. This case is emblematic for the future of Paris. The management can score a blow and overturn the rankings in terms of communication with the fans by separating from Neymar. By finding a solution to get Neymar out and explaining why and communicating about it, everything can be reversed, for example if in Doha they understood that there were problems related to Neymar and the fans. A new sporting director could carry this message by comforting Messi but leaving Neymar, telling fans that PSG understood their dissatisfaction. Neymar is no longer a footballer … he talked about leaving Brazil, going to the MLS, he is no longer a footballer! They have to get out the checkbook if necessary to get Neymar out, but they have to get it out. “ analyzed the consultant of After Foot, convinced that Neymar’s farewell could help patch up the Ultras of PSG and the Parisian club this summer. The bet is tempted, now it remains to be seen whether the management of the Ile-de-France will risk it.

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