Foot OL – OL: Lyon in turmoil, Aulas clings! – Olympique Lyonnais

Jean-Michel Aulas has encountered a number of difficulties during this particularly difficult season in OL.

Catastrophic results in the league, an adventure that ended earlier than expected in the Europa League, accidents in the stands, friction with the fans, departures of two historic investors … Jean-Michel Aulas has a lot to deal with this season in Olympic Lyon, perhaps a little too much for a 73-year-old president, who certainly gave birth to football but who today is paying the price with a tired, even exhausted face. According to RMC, which investigated the relatives of Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of Olympique Lyonnais has never had so many files to manage at the same time. Logically, “JMA” sometimes feels a form of fatigue. This is also the feeling that emerged during his interview in the mixed zone after the victory against Montpellier when he discussed the insults of the Ultras against the Lyon forward Karl Toko-Ekambi.

Jean-Michel Aulas does not want to leave OL

In these particularly difficult times, Jean-Michel Aulas may legitimately feel the need to step back or even surrender outright before leaving his health there. But according to the radio, Jean-Michel Aulas has no intention of leaving Olympique Lyonnais in these troubled times. The OL boss, in fact, does not intend to give up the management of his club, of which he is the historical and reference shareholder. A priori, next season will be played without a European Cup for OL. A hard blow, but also a way for Jean-Michel Aulas to reset the counters and restart healthier. With in particular the will for the OL boss to recreate a strong identity environment in Lyon with the return of former players such as Lacazette, Tolisso or even Gonalons and Umtiti, whose names have all been mentioned in Lyon in view of the summer transfer market. It now remains to be seen whether Jean-Michel Aulas will manage to extricate himself from all the crises of Olympique Lyonnais to start over as he hopes on new, healthier and less anxious foundations. What is certain, however, is that he has no intention of leaving the management of OL to someone else for the moment.

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