YouTuber Marvel Fitness was sentenced on appeal for harassment

The Marvel Fitness YouTuber was sentenced on appeal for harassment on September 28, 2021. He was being sued by other influencers, who have suffered digital forays.

Almost a year after his first-degree conviction, youtuber Marvel Fitness was sentenced on appeal for harassment. The Versailles Court of Appeal sentenced him on September 28, 2021 to two years in prison, of which twenty-two months suspended, for harassing other influencers online.

Having already served two months in prison last year, Marvel Fitness doesn’t have to go back behind bars. To the journalists present on the sitethe president of the appeals court explained that it was a sentence ” educational and balanced “, And “ the important thing is that you don’t start over “.

The internet is no longer a lawless area He has in the meantime said on Instagram Me Laure-Alice Bouvier, defender of the actors. “ We can say that the law finally takes to the depths of the gravity of cyberbullying acts “.

YouTuber Marvel Fitness was sentenced on appeal for harassment

The statements of the victims’ lawyer on Instagram

Source: Laure-Alice Bouvier / Instagram

The Marvel Fitness case, cyberbullying among youtubers

It must be said that the Marvel Fitness affair is impressive in its magnitude: for years the youtuber has attacked other influencers on social networks, and encouraged his thousands of fans to imitate him. In total, more than 5,000 messages have been added to the file, demonstrating the extent of the problem.

Her appeal sentence is all the more memorable as cyberbullying trials remain rare, while many women and men suffer from it every day. Nadia Daam’s case paved the way for harassment lawsuits. The Marvel Fitness case shows that even the instigators of the raids can be sued and convicted.

Through this decision, through the impact it will have and should go beyond the confines of this court, the law finally gives thousands of cyberbullying victims the message they are waiting for. “, Concluded Me Laure-Alice Bouvier on her Instagram.

The youtubeur, who defended himself during the appeal process, explaining that his videos had ” satirical purposes “, according to Le Mondehe also explained on Twitter that he saw the phrase as ” a small win “.” Your support and your mobilization have allowed me to be with my family rather (sic) than expected and to return to each other on social networks “.

His lawyer, Me Juan Branco, also explained that the sentence suited him. ” We are happy, in this apocalyptic context, to have obtained such a reduction of the sentence, and to have obtained that the civil parties are put back in their place as regards the compensation claims. The sentence handed down serves to cover his detention and trial decision, freeing him from any concern about this case. “.

Update September 29th at 2pm: The article has been updated to include the reaction of Me Juan Branco, a Marvel Fitness attorney.

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