we have tested (and validated) Apple Fitness +!

Yup exercising is a good habit to be taken for our line, and our health, not everyone is a big fan of gyms. After the pandemic, many got away easily at home and they found their own little routine to keep fit. However, over time, it happens that we do lose motivation, and that we no longer find the determination to take our buttocks off the sofa to have a little session. If it is not the lack of desire to resume a sporting routine, it is still necessary to be well equipped and have the right exercises to do at home. And for that, we tested a essential appwhich we cannot do without: Apple Fitness +. For us the successful squats, bouncing glutes and crooked yoga positions mastered.

Apple Fitness +: No more excuses not to do your session

We have to admit that when Apple launched its fintess service concept, we immediately wanted to test it. If the brand always knows how to surprise technology enthusiasts, now it is attacking the hearts (and bodies) of athletes. Apple Fitness +and the first fitness service designed entirely for theApple Watch and suitable for all profiles. You can therefore benefit from it workouts and meditation on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, anywhere and above all, anytime. Even on vacation in our hotel room, we can indulge in a little meditation session. You don’t need to be a yoga or HIIT expert to take advantage of them, as the service offers tailored sessions at all levels and led by a varied team of coachescharismatic, benevolent and very motivating.

Apple Fitness +: what it contains

What’s good about this feature, there is something for all levels. We just have to wear our little Apple Watch, wear our AirPods and choose the session that’s right for us. There are 11 types of exercises of varying duration : interval training (HIIT), muscle strengthening, yoga, dance, sheathing, cycling, pilates, treadmill and walker, rowing machine and mindful recovery. So there is something for everyone! The the training sessions are marked by the greatest hits of the artists of the moment and designed to keep you motivated from start to finish, whether they last 5 or 45 minutes.

Apple Fitness +: Why did we like it?

The first thing that made us love this new feature was the customization of programs. The alternatives are presented to us throughout the training so that we can easily follow them, whatever our level. the intuitive filter allows us to do that select our preferences in terms of the type of exercise, coach, duration, music or equipment needed, for a program that suits us Synchronization with the Apple Watch enable exceptional data fluidity, which helps us track our progress, and is very motivating. Clearly, with this program, we have a real feeling of being accompanied in our sessions, even if we do them between two episodes of our favorite series, and sometimes in pajamas.

Fitness + is a subscription service offered to € 9.99 per month or € 79.99 per year.


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