This fitness package for less than € 55 will motivate you to play sports from your living room

If you are motivated to indulge in sports but the idea of ​​going to the gym bores you, this fitness package has everything you need!

It’s never too late to add new resolutions to your list. Between rearranging his office, quitting smoking and sleeping more, there are also those who decide to (re) start training! If you’re one of those, congratulations (personally, all of these resolutions have been on my list since 2017 and I don’t care, but I admire the motivation of others).

Are you back to the block, jogging, basketball and bottled water but joining the gym makes you drunk, even terrifies? Because yes, being among the bench press fans sometimes causes anxiety. No stress: do your exercises without pressure, comfortably in the living room, it works too!

History of offering you an education worthy of the name e keep your motivation, why not look for some accessories? Playing sports at home can end up very quickly in front of the TV or at the foot of the bed; to avoid this drop in motivation, Cdiscount offers to equip you with this Kangui home fitness package at -21%!

This home fitness package will become your fitness companion and costs € 54.90 at Cdiscount

Gym, yoga, cardio: everything you need

The advantage of training at home is that you don’t have to wait for a treadmill or elliptical trainer to get ready to do the exercise you want. At home, you can resume the sport you want and at your own pace.

Home fitness package - Kangui

This Kangui Home Fitness Pack offers you four accessories to allow you to diversify your workout.

First, an exercise mat will accompany you comfortably during your sit-up or yoga sessions. There is also an exercise ball that will allow you to work on muscle strengthening, but also on posture and balance.

You’ll also find a jump rope, this sport some play from the playground, and a great way to work on your cardio! And finally, the Kangui Pack includes three rubber bands to build your muscles effectively. Plus, it comes with an exercise guide to inspire you throughout the sessions.

The Kangui home fitness package at a glance

Consisting of a guide and four accessories:

  • A gym mat
  • A jump rope
  • A gymnastic ball
  • Three rubber bands

Cdiscount offers you -21% on the Kangui home fitness package

Cdiscount offers you a 21% discount on these sports accessories. Home Fitness Package is € 54.90 instead of € 69.90 !

This home fitness package will become your fitness companion and costs € 54.90 at Cdiscount

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