The essential fitness accessory to tone the buttocks

For beautiful curved buttocks, nothing beats regular physical activity. However, a particular fitness accessory can allow you to have even more results. These are the weighted ankles !

Why are ankle weights effective for the buttocks?

Using ankle weights is nothing new for fitness professionals. But for beginners who have recently taken up the sport, it can be a great find.

The weights look like pegs, except that they come with weights, more or less heavy depending on your needs and desires. They allow you to do sointensify muscle strengthening exercises (lunge, single leg squat, donkey kicks or lateral leg lift) by adding a load and a resistance. They will have a direct effect on your lower body and therefore on your legs and buttocks.

This will help you take on new challenges and challenge yourself if you start performing certain moves too easily. But also to draw more of your energy resources (and burn calories) during the session. There is no need to specify that your booty will be on fire after a series of thoughtful exercises.

Ankle weights: which weight to choose and how to use them to tone the buttocks?

For a weight training session to be effective, you need to choose the ideal weight. You should know that this accessory can weigh from 500 grams to several kilos.

If it is your first use, do not put too much strain on your ankles. The idea is not to hurt yourself. It is better to perform a good movement with light weights, rather than a distorted movement with heavy weights. If you can’t do the exercise well, it’s because the weight of your weights is too heavy. You can start with the minimum and increase the loads during the sessions.

Put them on your ankles, like you would a bracelet, then start doing the exercises for the buttocks. Be careful, it is recommended to reduce the number of repetitions when the ankles are weighted, as well as requiring more recovery time. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice.

Weighted ankles for the buttocks: precautions to be taken

Adding weights to the ankles is not trivial. As with any physical activity, it is important to take precautions.

You should know that it is strongly advised not to use them when practicing a high impact sports, such as running or jumping rope. This could further damage the joints and tendons. In addition to increasing the risk of injury.

The use of weights is particularly ideal for intermediate to advanced athletes to burn more calories. For starters, it’s best to stick to body weight and get used to muscle strengthening exercises before overdoing it.

Finally, we remind you once again not to overload your ankles.

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