PHOTOS – Sports: how to have the body of a fitness star

Do you dream of being lean and toned like an aerobics professional? Depending on whether you practice swimming, ballet or marathon, the muscles do not take shape in the same way. So put on your sequin leotard, close your eyes, let’s turn up the sound!

So if you dream of being an aerobics professional, to have the silhouette guy tapered, ultra-tone, dynamic, that’s it what the expert, Josia N, has to say founder of the funky aerobics concept This Is Arnold: This “neofitness” is above all a fun sport, practiced in music with joy and good humor. Specifically, I propose HIA (High Impact Aerobics): we mix jumps, movements, choreographies… We are always in action without really realizing that we are working (except for the cardio system). Results: the silhouette is refined – almost 800 calories are burned during one session -, it curves and becomes much more toned. It is the lower back that changes first, as the following muscles are used a lot: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves … But the upper body (arms in particular) and the waist (continuous sheathing) also evolve.

First of all we rejoice: the codes of thinness are changing and precisely, in 2022, it is no longer a question of being thin at all costs. But be good in his bodyfeel comfortable, be in tune with your head e stay healthy: this is essential. And it passes practice regular physical activity . yes but which one? And if to choose, we imagine the appearance and the musculature that accompanies it?Because it is true, there is no ideal sport: “If you want to get the best of yourself, you have to do it find what pleases us. The only condition to be regular “ insists Valentine Colasante, the prima ballerina we interviewed for this file. “And it’s not even a question of will. If we give up, it is rather that the training does not adapt to our physical and mental abilities and that we do not find pleasure in the muscular work done. What becomes counterproductive “ she continues. This is a completely guilt-free point of view.

If we want to start?

We sign up for This Is Arnold’s furiously addictive courses, which are just being filmed on video for non-Parisians ( or @thisisarnold_). If you have a weak back, you can start with LIA, a fitness workout whose movements do not require impact on the ground (no jumps, therefore). But we burn fewer calories … There are courses in many rooms. The ideal pace? Let’s start with one or two lessons per week. And it’s even better paired with some stretching and brisk walking. But if you want really fast results, he considers three aerobics sessions a week.

What if I don’t like playing sports with music?

Rope jump or indoor lessons that mix different disciplines such as cardio-boxing. Also think about volleyball, where you have to do chain jumps, moves and short competitions.

What bonuses for the silhouette?

• Modeling creams

To combat sagging and areas of the sheath prone to loss of firmness, there is nothing like generous textures we like to smooth over, from the ankles to the upper body. Their remodeling and remodeling active ingredients refine the silhouette (Firming Firming Body Lifting CreamClarins, € 62,; Absolute Slimming Firming CreamEsthederm Institute, € 53; Firming & Freshness Blend, Izaho Botanicals, € 105,

• A tissue gymnastics ritual

If there is no longer a need to present the LPG system whose mechanical stimulation reactivates cellular activity in order to reduce volumes and improve the quality of the skin, this new protocol combines it with deep manual massage: smoothing, kneading and pressure. .to optimize the effects of the device. As a result, firming and improvement of the orange peel appearance. Anti-cellulite endermology, 40 min, € 65

Photo: Bruno Juminer. Visual production: Dominique Evêque. Text: Olivia Segot

Photo credits: Bruno Juminer

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