Google TV will soon offer a fitness and video calling service

Google wants to integrate new functions into its interface for connected TVs. Especially in the field of fitness and video calling. He also hopes Netflix agrees to integrate the Google TV recommendation service.


Last September Google presented its new interface dedicated to televisions: Google TV. Available from October 1, 2021, replaces Android TV. The interface is clearer and centered on the content. It introduces a whole new way to navigate, relying on the Google Assistant and greater simplicity to suit everyone. And there are a lot of different users.

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As proof, during the CES, the Mountain View company indicated it 110 million televisions equipped with Android TV they are currently active all over the world. And one in ten already uses the Google TV interface. There will certainly be more in the months to come. Sony unveiled half a dozen TVs under Google TV at the Las Vegas show, with OLED, Full LED and Mini LED panels. And Sony obviously isn’t the only one: Google claims that 7 of the 10 biggest TV brands work with its interface.

New services planned on Google TV for fitness and video calling

But to meet all the needs of all users, Google will have to improve the services offered by Android TV, if length (type of service) or deep (exhaustiveness in suppliers). And the company is actively working on it. This is what we learn from an interview with Rob Caruso, product director responsible for Google TV, given to our colleagues by the Protocol site.

The boss explains that he is interested in two areas: video calls, with the integration of Zoom for example, and fitness, with a service similar to Apple Fitness +. He also says he wants to strengthen Google TV’s interactions with home automation products, as well as the free TV offering, such as Pluto TV, for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney +.

Rob Caruso is also looking to improve the content recommendation system by adding the latest recalcitrant streaming services. Netflix in particular. Although the latter application is available on Android TV, the company does not allow adding programs to the system recommendations list. Rob Caruso does not promise that this will change, but remains optimistic. He hopes the new services arrive this year.

Source: Protocol

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