Franchise Time adapts to franchise sport

TIME FIT offers you an optimal quality of service. Our teams are there to answer all your questions and support you from the start of your project and throughout your career as an entrepreneur.

Today we are the only ones in Europe to use and develop our whole body muscle electrostimulation equipment with Bluetooth connectivity.

Thanks to TIME FIT innovations, set yourself apart from the competition by saying “goodbye” to the threads, to give way to design and freedom.

Our engineering team is based in France. We continuously work with physiotherapists, French and foreign doctors and sports coaches to improve the quality of our devices and optimize the results of our members. Each of our programs is validated by a sports science university of which we are a partner.

The continuous training provided allows you to reach a level of excellence and perfection never achieved before. Two-week initial training and pre- and post-opening support allow the project leader to achieve financial balance from the second opening month. You are provided with comprehensive nutritional training to ensure quality advice and excellent results.

We have decided to surround ourselves with the best partners in every field to provide you with support that meets your level of need. TIME FIT Club offers high-end and quality services.

We have designed an economic model suitable for both large cities and small towns, with a profitable investment from the first year. Our franchising has the particularity of offering in the franchise agreement a guarantee of adequate profitability for each project and thus guaranteeing support over time to achieve the promised profitability.

Our equipment has the particularity of allowing us to diversify our business and thus increase profitability.


  • Advanced support
  • Low investment
  • Solution in case of reconfiguration
  • We are the manufacturers of our 100% French equipment


  • Breakeven point reached in the first quarter.
  • Guaranteed annual profitability in the franchise agreement

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