Fitness Park sports clubs want to try the gamification experience

Times are tough for gyms during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fitness Park brand wants to recover by attracting its customers through digital, gamification and the animation of sports communities.

A new concept developed in June 2020

After 3 years of research and development, analysis, studies and co-creation, the Fitness Park brand developed a new concept of gym based on experience and digital in June 2020 in Madrid. This concept must be installed in all new clubs of the brand, in France and abroad. The offer must help build customer loyalty, thanks to data, personalization and forecasting of sports results.

A team of 30 people to “digitize” and “gamify” the brand

The brand wants to improve and modernize the room experience and build on member loyalty with this new concept. The fitness gamification project is led by Thomas Mendonça, digital and innovation general manager since January 2020. At 33 he heads a team of 30 people with whom he has to “digitize” and “gamify” the teachings. For this game concept, Fitness Park uses the same recipe as video games, focusing on experience and immersion.

Each member is assigned a 3D avatar. A personalized path follows, controlled by its mobile application for tailor-made sports and nutritional training. The client and his avatar evolve together in a visual universe through immersive screens, virtual reality viewers, an olfactory universe that evolves during the journey and personalized music depending on the area. Competition and challenge are part of the game experience. Each member is equipped with a connected belt to count his “fitness” points. He can follow his own evolution, interact with other members or launch community challenges.

A world at the crossroads between play and reality

Fitness Park wants to give the opportunity to evolve into a gym where worlds merge and meet at the crossroads of the physical and the virtual and between the real and the game.The room wants to offer an immersive virtual reality boxing session, challenges between players like video games, a connected cardio concept and a 3D avatar.

Fitness Park wants to encourage customers to become a mobile and digital community

Fitness Park wants to encourage customers to cross the walls of the venue and at the same time become a mobile and digital community. Launched in 2021 and open to all, the Home Park platform allows you to train anywhere and anytime through Live and VOD training sessions offering the possibility to chat with a coach or nutritionist.

The MyFitnessPark application is for members only. He guarantees a complete follow-up of his sporting progress with tailor-made training programs. Thomas Mendonça wants to seduce the new generations. “ We need to be experts in the new attention economy he says. ” With a gamified, intuitive and modern service, we maintain the attention, and therefore the motivation of our members to help them overcome themselves and improve their health through sport. announces.

250 Club Fitness Park in France and abroad

Fitness Park is a fitness brand created in 2009. It is one of the Fitness Park Group brands along with Fitness Park, Club Moving and Fitlane. Fitness Park has 250 clubs in France and abroad in branches or licenses. The brand announces 700,000 members and 200 million euros in turnover.

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