Fitness in the water: a regenerating moment in the Paimpol bay

in ocean form
Aquatic fitness in Paimpol bay (Côtes-d’Armor), nothing better for body and mind! © Fit Ocean

What’s better than a gorgeous one natural gym, right in the middle of the Bay of Paimpol (Côtes-d’Armor) ?

In the magnificent setting of the beaches of Old Brehecin Plouézec, from Pole in Plouha, o Launay in Paimpol, Fit Océan offers water fitness activities under the supervision of lifeguards.

The team of professionals and supervisors makes you discover a activities similar to aqua-tonic, aqua-jogging (fitness walking), cardio-training or even water aerobics

Sessions all year round!

An average of forty to fifty people participate toning sessions, summer and winter !

Because yes, it is all year round, without a subscription and for all ages. Participants are between 10 and 84 years old! (Provided that children can swim and are accompanied by an adult).

Aquagym in the sea is physical, but with Fit Ocean everyone has their own rhythm!

Whether you live here or are on vacation, accompanied by your children, your friends or even alone, you are welcome.

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Let yourself be tempted by this moment of escape, but only if you take a breakfast like a champion !

Benefits for the body

The environment is unique and their benefits are all the more beneficial to the body and mind. Good effort, here’s what these sessions will give you.

The activity of water allows the body to be more toned build muscles gently… Aquatic Fitness also improves blood circulation, muscle re-education and immune defenses.

Sessions are provided by lifeguards, here Antonin. © Fit Ocean

The program

Everything is organized for the pleasure and safety of the participants!

We always start with a warm-up sessionvery important before activation.

Hence, cardio, muscle strengthening and abdominal exercises are on the program.

At the end of the session, return to calm then, the best last: the athletes will be able to run to the unmissable friendship cafe created by the manager Eve.

A convivial moment

One thing is certain, during your fitness sessions you will not be bored … Thanks to the overflowing energy of the lifeguards, everyone remains motivated.

Working in a good mood is essential for supervisors.

From 6 to 7 € for one hour of session. € 4 for equipment rental. 06 83 77 54 59. [email protected]Sessions all year round with the various lifeguards, who are Paul (Au Palus in Launay and Bréhec), Marie-Christine (in Bréhec). Warm eve meanwhile, will welcome you as it should be as a volunteer supervisor! Practical information and other adventures to discover: Guingamp-Bay Tourist Office of Paimpol

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