Fitness: 5 new activities to try

V.Your sports exercises seem a bit routine to you. Do not let yourself be locked up in fatigue and choose from these new activities in France, but already practiced around the world, especially in the United States, to build muscles while surprising you. You will come out with a stimulated body and mind. We remember that sport is a virtuous circle. The more you move, the more your body releases endorphins, the famous hormones responsible for the sensation of pleasure. So get started!

Land Swim’Cross: Offered by aquatic centers or some clubs with swimming pools, this discipline takes place outside, on and in the water. A mix of swimming, fitness and muscle building, various traction exercises, sheathing, obstacle crossing (climbing on inflatable structures, tires, boxes, boardfit boards) alternate in a swimming pool transformed into a training ground, for a very complete split work , which allows you to tone the whole body. We quickly take ourselves for a candidate of Koh Lanta. Intense but fun!

Loot Therapy: the world has become “butt-friendly”, in this dance lesson, we come up with our shapes and take them on! Objective: to obtain a hindquarters that are as curved, as fleshy as possible. And because of this, the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks are overloaded. “Here we don’t judge each other”, underline the participants, frantically shaking their hips. With this mix of Afro-urban dances, you soon learn to let go and if you arrive, obviously, a little intimidated, the goal is to leave you well in your body and uninhibited.

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Pilox: Pilates postures, boxing exercises and dance movements, this is how three activities become one! A merger accessible to all since no jump is made during a session. As a result, no trauma, the knees and ankles are preserved from repeated shocks. The warm-up generally begins at the barre, then moves on to the dynamic phase with a series of boxing basics (direct, hook, footwork, dodge, etc.), all to the rhythm of music, and then moves on to recovery through Pilates postures that must be held for about ten seconds each. A great way to perfect its strength and flexibility.

One goal: break the routine, do yourself good

FlyYoga: Imported from the United States, aerial yoga is on the rise! It is a mix of yoga, pilates and circus arts. The principle is to link the movements with the support on the ground and the aerial postures, all in a hammock suspended one meter from the ground. This suspension work stretches the whole body and aligns the spine while strengthening the muscles deeply. The abdominal belt is also constantly engaged. Playful and regressive, inversions (upside down exercises) are a great way to clear your head as you work on your flexibility.

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Infra-thin: welcome to a capsule with a futuristic look in which you are invited to ride a bicycle in a lying position (stimulated blood and lymphatic circulation, lower heart rate, softer muscle effort than a traditional bicycle). A touch screen allows you to modulate the resistance to pedaling, the heat diffused by the infrared lamps (at least 35 degrees) increases the diameter of the blood vessels and the transport of oxygen to the organs. Essential oils and music – chosen by you – diffused in the capsule complete the experience. Sessions last 30, 40 or 50 minutes. Up to 1,000 calories can be burned in the case of long sessions.

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