definition and benefits of fitness

The advantages of sport on the body and health no longer need to be tested, which is why sport has become a daily activity for many people. Fitness is a sport that meets the personal goals and expectations of its practitioners. The advantage is that it can be practiced in a sports complex, in the gym or even at home.

In this article we tell you more about the benefits of fitness on your health, especially if you accompany it with a balanced diet.

What is fitness?

Fitness includes several sports fitness exercises. Includes individual cardio exercises, bodybuilding as well as stretching or stretching for English speakers. Fitness appeared in the 70s in the United States, finds its origins in aerobics, which in turn is a sport derived from jazz dance, but fitness comes to France only 10 years later, in the 80s.

Fitness is practiced in groups such as step, zumba, body combat as well as abdominal-buttocks, are all exercises that aim to improve the physical condition. Exercising regularly in physical form allows, above all, to lose weight, work on endurance and build muscle. In conclusion, fitness can optimize the well-being of the body and mind.

The benefits of fitness

Practice a physical activity it is strongly advised, in order to improve one’s health and maintain one’s body. The practice of fitness has several advantages, starting with weight control, because by continuously practicing fitness you will burn calories and therefore you will lose extra pounds. Furthermore, the practice of fitness contributes to the preservation of your health, since it is a sport that allows you to strengthen the heart and significantly lower blood pressure, which helps to lower the level of triglycerides and cholesterol, which facilitates the circulation of blood in the arteries. Fitness is a practice that brings interesting benefits to athletes of all ages. We will again mention as fitness benefits:

  • Fitness greatly improves cardiovascular endurance as well as breathing;
  • Optimize work, balance and coordination;
  • Increases relaxation and reduces tension and stress;
  • Promotes body tone.

Examples of fitness exercisesfitness benefits

In order to maintain the body and lose weight, fitness includes several exercises to work on different parts of the body. Here are two examples of fitness exercises.

First, the “air squat”. To do this, start by standing straight, then spread your legs at shoulder height and bend your legs, if you feel a stretch, the exercise is well applied.

Also, you can practice the “back swing” which works your abs and thighs. Start by lying on your back, then bring your feet together and put your arms along your body. You need to bring your feet back to hip height and lift them so that your feet point towards the ceiling, then bring your hips back towards the floor.

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