Astra Body: the fitness of the future

Relax, get comfortable in one of the egg-shaped machines and let yourself be guided by Alexia Baranes, founder of the brand new Fitness Center Body Astra. Here we come to build muscle and lose cellulite efficiently and quickly thanks to very modern machines. Pressotherapy, intense muscle strengthening, if the techniques used by this center are almost unique in France, they have proven themselves valid in many European countries that swear by them!

Pedaling at 50 °!

“The first machine is a capsule in which you lie down to pedal. A sheath is placed at the level of the belly thus ensuring an optimal position of the body, but also to make the entire abdominal band work. Inside the device a temperature of 50 degrees is maintained, in order to soften the muscles, which makes them more receptive to effort, but it also helps to eliminate harmful toxins ”, assures Alexia Baranes, also a convinced user. This recumbent bike will stimulate the heart rate and thus strengthen the entire cardiovascular system. Great for burning fat, but also for gaining muscle mass, you will undoubtedly melt away! At the same time infrared rays are diffused to improve blood circulation such as the sensations of heavy legs or varicose veins.

Multiplied Effects of the Pilate

It also offers Astra Bodyinfrapilated. “It is a modernized version of pilate and is also practiced in capsules. These are virtual lessons, broadcast on a screen and which allow intense bodybuilding of all parts of the body in just 26 minutes! “. Here, too, sport is practiced in a capsule in which infrared rays are emitted and heated to 38 ° to ensure deep relaxation of the tissues, but also to improve flexibility.” These exercises are delicate and you will experience the same sensations as the dumbbells, but without pain.This is a perfect exercise to firm up and improve the shape of the body! enthuses Alessia.

A franchise system

Building on her success, the young entrepreneur will open new centers based on a franchising system. “None of my clients leave without making a new appointment. The results are incredible, and this, in just 6 sessions! »Israel, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Lyon, Marseille… new centers, near you, should see the light in the coming weeks!

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