Are you hesitating between ballet and fitness? Choose the Fit’Ballet

(ETX Daily Up) – Classical dance in its 21st century guise. The Fit’Ballet mixes pleats, detachments, grand throwing and other ballet figures with fitness postures, all while dancing to the rhythm of Pharrell Williams. Behind this method, which allows you to work on your dancer’s silhouette, hides Octavie Escure. The former dancer shares her discipline in her new book “Take flight with Octavie Escure”, just released in the ÀBLOCK! Collection, by Éditions Leduc.

Far from the opera houses where she has performed in multiple shows, the dancer Octavie Escure gives lessons in Fit’Ballet, a discipline that combines the rhythm of fitness and the grace of classical dance. Her method allows you to tone and sculpt your body. “Fit Ballet works muscles in terms of strength and length,” explains the state-certified ballet teacher. Ballet postures allow you to work on maintaining the back, abs, legs, pointe shoes … in short, the whole body is involved. This discipline is for everyone, beginners or experts. One difficulty however, it takes about four sessions to become familiar with the name of the postures.

The session runs like a ballet class … with a few exceptions. The duration varies slightly, from 1h30 for a ballet test to 1h for the Fit’Ballet. Then, the lesson begins with a warm-up, entrechats, plies, degags, but to the rhythm of pop music. “It is less scary than a ballet class, explains the former dancer, there is no stern look from a teacher or the repetition of the same three piano notes”. Here the music sets the pace, motivates and uninhibits the participants. A primordial dimension for Octavie Escure who believes in the power of music.

The Fit’Ballet can also be done at home. In her book “Take to the skies with Octavie Escure”, the dancer presents a program to follow in 21 days to learn the basics. “It is above all to free oneself and to tame the discipline”, explains the dancer. To progress, Octavie Escure recommends practicing, if possible, in front of a mirror to correct positions and avoid injuries. The young woman advises her to listen to her body and not to force in case of “bad pain”.

A method born thanks to Pete Doherty

The method was born when the dancer traveled the streets with rocker Pete Doherty. “Je n’avais pas beaucoup de place pour me préparer, je devais m’adapter, faire mes barres avec ce que je trouvais. Une chaise, un poteau, un sol qui n’était pas en parquet …”, se souvient -She. Then at the age of 20, he discovered a new world after experiencing the rigor of ballet. “In ballets we do the same thing every night,” says the man who joined the Young Ballet of Geneva at 16. “With Peter Doherty, each performance is unique, we had to improvise, be in symbiosis with each other”. This experience gave her the audacity to take the plunge and create her own dance method.

Even before the end of her career in the billboards, the young lady is gradually developing a dance program. “The experience with Pete Doherty” gave me the audacity to do it “she smiles. After an operation that takes her away from the stage and in the face of the success of Fit’Ballet, the state-certified ballet is focusing on this second facet of its own. life. “The method can be declined. It can be cardio or more stretch depending on everyone, “she adds. To meet her expectations, the ballet enthusiast has expanded her classes by offering” Fit’Ballet Baby Bump “for mothers-to-be.

To try Fit Ballet, a 21-day program can be found in the book “Take flight with Octavie Escure”, in the ÀBLOCK! Sports collection, published by Éditions Leduc (19.90 euros). You can go to the studio in Paris, Perpignan or take the online courses.

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