2021, another successful year

In 2021 and despite the crisis, Fitness Park maintained its course with 19 openings and accelerated the development of its Master Franchise in Spain with 5 clubs and more than 10 openings planned for 2022. With the new hybrid lifestyles and consumption of the sport, the brand has been able to adapt to the context and reinvent itself by digitizing its environments and developing a 360 ° experience going beyond the walls of the room, on the MyFitnessPark application and via the Home Park platform.


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Fitness Park enjoys an excellent image with its members

According to the Union Sport Cycle economic report of December 2021, the Fitness sector recorded -16% of subscriptions in 2020 and -30% of turnover compared to 2019 while in the same period Fitness Park registers + 4% of season tickets and only -12% of turnover. Fitness Park once again demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction by directly integrating the top 5 of the new Capital 2022 rankings.

Associated with the Statista Institute, Capital annually awards the best brands of the year in different categories, Fitness Park is in 4th place of the “Champions of cultural activities and leisure”. This distinction supports the data of the study conducted by the Cospirit agency * in September 2021 on the image of fitness rooms with a sample of 1,060 respondents aged 16 to 35. During the 2022 muses casting, over 1,500 attendees showed up to complement the Fitness Park communication, a sign of the members’ strong commitment to the French favorite Fitness brand. The French fitness leader is therefore doing very well despite the many twists related to the health context.

The outlook for 2022

  • The opening of the Master Franchise in Morocco with the first 4 cities (Casablanca, Mohammedia, Rabat and Kenitra).
  • The creation of the Fitness Park Academy to train and promote the Group’s talents.
  • Continuous development of the territory with all its latest innovations.
  • The development of a dematerialized card to access the rooms through the MyFitnessPark application.

After two years of sedentary life and repeated confinement, Fitness Park has set itself the goal of (re) giving the French a taste for sport and encouraging them to move more to feel good in their mind and body!

The numbers to remember

  • More than 150 million euros in turnover in 2021 and 240 million euros in turnover expected for 2022.
  • 19 openings in 2021 and 40 planned for 2022.
  • 5 clubs opened in Master Franchise in Spain and more than 10 openings planned for 2022.
  • 200 hires in 2021 with a strong commitment to young people and work-study programs.

How to join the Fitness Park network?

Do you want to know more about the achievements of the Fitness Park brand and the conditions necessary to start working alongside it? Go to the custom network tab to find out how become a Fitness Park Franchisee.

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