F1 – Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc frustrated by instructions not respected at Red Bull-Max Verstappen and Ferrari

The drivers and constructors championships have already been decided. But the thirst to win, to be as high as possible, is stronger than anything else for the riders. We had a new example with the distance run between Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc for 2nd place at Interlagos. Ever since the title of Max Verstappen, the two men have put this goal at the top of their “to-do list”.

While the Mexican was 6 points clear of the Monegasque before the Sao Paulo Grand Prix (284 against 278 points), the two men will travel to Abu Dhabi being perfectly tied in the standings with 290 points each. In the standings Leclerc is ahead thanks to the number of victories (3 against 2).

San Paolo Grand Prix

Chaos in Interlagos: Verstappen and Hamilton collide, Leclerc in the background


Leclerc finished the race in 4th place after a fantastic comeback from the back of the grid after going off the track on lap 7. Long in contention for the podium, Pérez paid dearly for the strategy of mounting medium tires for his last stint. As a symbol, the two men ended up behind teammates and their teams did not switch positions when it was agreed.

Pérez: “Max showed who he really was”

Go to Red Bull. Pitted after colliding with Lewis Hamilton in the same 7th lap, Verstappen spent his race climbing up the group, not without difficulty. Back within the reach of the top 4-5 thanks to the safety car, the Batavian took advantage of Pérez’s concerns to overtake him on lap 67 due to the team’s decision. The double world champion’s mission was to overtake Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc to deprive the Monegasque of important points.

Swap positions if MV1 fails in its quest. This was the instruction given to Red Bull. Clear and sharp for everyone. Except that Pérez has never seen the color of this 6th place and the 8 points that accompany it. Despite his failure, Verstappen kept the tipping sixth place. Which infuriated the Mexican.

Thanks guys for that, thanks“, Let Checo out, pissed off. “I’m sorry Checo. We will talk about it after the race“replied Christian Horner. Hence, Pérez committed a crime of lese majesty.”Max showed who he really was“Atmosphere, atmosphere. The”Checo is a legend“from Super Max to Abu Dhabi last year seems a long way off.

Calmed down, Pérez appeared on the Canal + microphone to debrief his race. If he was more diplomatic, his misunderstanding was equally important. “I’m surprised. They asked me to let him pass so he could go get Charles. But he had to give me back my position, I’m very surprised. “

And then, the former McLaren, Force India and Racing Point switched to ESPN and DAZN. For more crunchy. “I don’t know what happened, especially after everything I’ve done for him. I did not understand the reasons that led him to do so. I think if he has two world titles it is my merit. “Max Verstappen therefore assured Canal + that he had”voluntarily disobeyed“but it was so”explained in front of Perez“, promising to help him at the last Grand Prux.

Leclerc is still frustrated by Ferrari

The atmosphere was no better at the Reds. Charles Leclerc experienced the same frustration as Pérez. After the crazy comeback from last to 4th place, the Monegasque asked twice after the safety car resumed on lap 60 for the Scuderia to change positions. And even there, nothing at all.

Furious, but able to contain himself, CL16 played it peacefully in front of the Canal + microphone. But the verbal slippage did not go far, namely the phlegm of the Ferrari driver. “No, but we said it before the race, so I wasn’t expecting it … But that’s the way it is. The conditions were special … there you have it. “

Re-launched by the presence of Alonso right behind him, a race that was also taken up by Ferrari and which led to this decision, Leclerc took the responsibility not to ruin what was a beautiful day of racing on his part.

Again, I don’t want to … He (Sainz) had a great race, he also had problems. We both deserved this place. He was in front of me, the team decided not to make the “switch” (the change of place). It is like this. (…) So, here we are, we limited the break on a race that wasn’t easy. My frustration with the heat of the moment was there, now we will have to think about Abu Dhabi and try to score as many points as possible. “

San Paolo Grand Prix

Russell finally hits, Mercedes cheers


San Paolo Grand Prix

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