Champions League – Before Manchester City-Real Madrid: Vinicius Jr, time and place to confirm the explosion

It has been repeated over and over again, Vinicius is no longer just a young hope that we are only discovering, but rather a pure talent that already existed and that has shown the extent of his potential this season. He is much more efficient, much more dangerous and will undoubtedly be one of Carlo Ancelotti’s strong men against Manchester City on Tuesday night (21). But with these qualities and this new state of permanent danger come several consequences that can prove problematic.

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Champions League

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Changes in attitudes of assimilation

Those who say change of status say new expectations of the defenders. Vinicius is particularly expected, feared and the opponents adapt their plan to the threat he represents. Just look at the preferential treatment reserved by Barça to the Brazilian during the last Clasico a month ago to understand the phenomenon: constant double from 20 ‘of play, repeated tackles and viewfinder aimed at number 20. merengue. From the height of his 21 years, the young winger has been the target of muscular interventions by the Catalan defense, but above all of repeated provocations by Gérard Piqué and Eric Garcia. “You are the Ballon d’Or next year“the two Spaniards had insistently mocked an opponent they had inflicted on that evening a heavy 4-0 defeat.

Vinicius knows that the most dangerous players are the ones to whom the opponents will pay more attention and commit more fouls than necessary, but this is completely normal. This means that Vinicius is very dangerous and they fear him“, had defended on this topic Carlo Ancelotti for Movistar +. With a new performance, Vinicius also enjoys a new rank that he must master, because he could make him see bigger than he really is. He becomes indispensable on his left wing in Madrid , the international auriverde had very little taste of his replacement at game time against Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup a few weeks ago, which had earned him a yellow card from his coach.

An optimal context to shine with a thousand lights

And if he monopolizes so much attention, Vinicius Junior loves above all the light, and the space that is given to him to shine. In a season where it exploded, but where paradoxically there is no talk almost only Karim Benzema at Real Madrid, on Tuesday he will have the opportunity at the Etihad Stadium to confirm that he is one of the managers of Casa Blanca in 2021-2022. Because we get to the last four of the most prestigious races. Because it is Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in front. And because he will undoubtedly have an important role to play in this double confrontation.

Against a ball possession team like the SkyBlues, his speed, percussion and elimination skills make him the perfect profile to undermine the English defense. Especially since the latter will be very poor a priori, deprived of the suspended João Cancelo, and probably of Kyle Walker and John Stones, not yet recovering from the injury and very uncertain for the first leg in Manchester. To make up for so many absences, the young and inexperienced CJ Egan-Riles could very well be established as a right-back by Guardiola. In other words, holy bread for Vinicius.

In 2022 the great meetings, Vinicius knows. Decisive against PSG and then against Chelsea in the Champions League, the former Flamengo also opened his tailstock with Seleçao, in a game where he had invited 120 relatives to come and see him play at the Maracana! It is therefore probably not the relatively calm Etihad Stadium that should stop him on Tuesday evening (21:00), he who is “calm“in the words of his coach.”Vinicius wants to help the team first and foremost. He’s been doing it since the beginning of the season and he’s still going.“So everything is in place to bring him (for good) out of the shadows now.

Vini Jr ready to (definitely) step out of the shadow of Real Madrid)

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Champions League

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