Brandon Ingram is KD, Herb Jones is Arsène Lupine and promises a Dante game 5

The Pelicans have just completed a masterclass by winning 118-103 at home against the unrecognizable Suns. Very nice game and on arrival a great victory that allows them to equalize in this series at 2-2. We weren’t expecting much from New Orleans and we are far from disappointed!

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What fun to see this team of pelicans! She came to the Playoffs to play basketball, best team in the league or not, and for that alone we congratulate you! And also for this hot Brandon Ingram, this very precious Jonas Valanciunas in particular in the last quarter and this sick one who is Herbert Jones who counterattacked three times including two blocks in the sky on Mikal Bridges then on Cameron Payne in the space of a few minutes. The Pels showed great energy and huge desire that ultimately broke this usually in control team of Suns. Weasel Jose Alvarado annoyed Chris Paul a lot and even managed to give him his special interception at the end of the game. In short, this team really put on a show in front of its fans and in the eyes of the entire NBA. In terms of statistics, Ingram seems to have taken possession of KD’s body, the Pels winger has filled his sheet well with 30 pawns on 11/23 and 5 assists. Valanciunas closely follows him with his 26 points 9/15, 15 rebounds and 4 assists, with this parking shot as dessert to bring his team nine points clear with nearly seven minutes left in the game. And now New Orleans is dragging the show out, and now Willie Green’s crew is ruining all of our brackets.

On the side of the Suns, Deandre Ayton and JaVale McGee are having a good offensive game, that’s all that can be said for this team tonight. The two pivots, respectively 11/14 and 7/7 shooting, raise the catastrophic score of their team. The average of the five majors without counting Ayton drops to 34% success, with an unrecognizable Chris Paul who scored only 4 points at 2/8, despite his 11 caviars. Without Devin Booker injured, Phoenix’s score takes a hit, especially when the two Camerons (Johnson and Payne) shoot at 22/7 combined, and there isn’t even Mikal Bridges (11/4). Even with that, Monty Williams’ side were two points ahead at half-time, but the Pelicans lined up in the third quarter thanks in particular to Brandon Ingram’s 14 points. The last act is no breeze on the side of the Suns and CP3 even goes so far as to make a flagrant mistake on Herb Jones who nevertheless returns his lay-up. What if the Suns made the series last on purpose so that Devin Booker could calmly recover from his injury? In any case, Phoenix is ​​still the favorite but we will have to stay safe at home during Race 5 so as not to put ourselves in real danger, because we mustn’t joke anyway.

These pelicans are the little treasure of these playoffs. They perform and have fun on the pitch against a team that didn’t appear to be playing on the same pitch prior to the start of the series. However, they are surprising them and Devin Booker’s absence will benefit them. All of this also makes CJ McCollum dance in an interview after the game. Yes, the Suns really need to wake up.

Text source: ESPN

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