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bodybuilding and diet program to build muscle


Javier Marso

Skinny Fat, what is it? And above all, how not to be! Here’s everything you need to know about this morphology and adapted weight training programs.

The first step to becoming more muscular is to analyze your training program and your eating habits. This pragmatic approach allows you to define your goals, assess your current state and determine what changes to make to transform yourself. Another method is based, more criticized and less well founded on the analysis of your “body type”: endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Where would the Skinny Fat subtype come from!

Lean fat: what it is and how to know if you are

According to Dr. David Katz, an American nutritionist, underweight (lean fat) refers to a person who does not have an overweight problem but who has little or no muscle. Researchers at the Center for the Study of Nutrition and Physical Activity (CENAAP) define this notion much more when they speak of “underweight”.

The individual in question is considered to be underweight ” if the body mass index (BMI) below 25 and a fat mass index below 20% In other words, someone who is neither fat nor thin, neither muscular nor sturdy. The male population who would be skinny fat? “About 40% of men between the ages of 25 and 25“!

If the definition gives figures, a simple glance would let you know if you are thin or not since the name itself reveals everything: thinso thin, and fatFat, someone who looks fat and thin at the same time. Except that everything, or almost everything, in the end comes from the lack of muscle mass and not from the fat one!

How to stop being skinny fat? Bodybuilding!

We all want to have solid abs, flat stomachs, developed arms and sculpted thighs. And for most of us, the only way to do this is by weight training!

  • In fact, it helps to tone the areas on which you want to work, to strengthen the muscles and to increase muscle mass. When you are skinny fat, it is too the only real way to change your body and gain real physical stature.

To get a convincing result, it is best to encourage the exercises with heavy weights like bench or some squat. In short: polyarticular bodybuilding exercises, where different muscle groups are recruited.

These are good for the muscles of the whole body, and a lean fat exactly satisfies the concerns of an underdeveloped musculature in general. Global stimulation is required, followed by two other points: food and rest.

bodybuilding program for lean fat

As said before, a thin and fat person will try to gain muscle mass throughout their body. Get out then unnecessary isolation exercises that we all love (no curls or calf extensions …): practice with exercises “compound“, ie polyarticular. An excellent method to start bodybuilding for a lean fat is totry a strength program like 5×5 or 4×8. The goal is to gain strength through very “horse” training, good for health and muscles as strength always precedes the development of mass.

In details :

  • 5 sets of 5 reps or 4 sets of 8 reps
  • Exercises : bench; military developed; squats; raised off the ground; queue at the bar
  • 3 to 4 strength training sessions per week3-4 exercises each time
  • Add some cardio here and there, some ab exercises or “dynamic relaxation” sessions. like it Yoga or pilates

And you basically have the skeleton of a very comprehensive bodybuilding program. To find out more, feel free to read the 5×5 documentation (Initial strength) or 4×8, especially on good movement practices. And note that the goal here is power take-off and then, at a later time and with enough calories ingested, to focus on aesthetics and muscle gain. Without strength = without muscles!

Lean Fat Nutrition Program

When it comes to meals, being skinny means you’re not eating enough and not enough. So let’s get back to the basics: sufficient calorie intakeof the protein, some carbohydrates And some healthy fats. Obviously as little sugar as possible, but some mess won’t kill you!

Count at least a 3000 kilocalorie intake for a thin and fat adult man, but be aware that it is highly recommended to calculate his calories and macros before starting a new diet.

  • So try to track your progress a monitoring app such as MyFitnessPal so you never run out of protein or calories!

The preferred sources and which are therefore recommended: chicken, red meat and fish, eggs. For carbohydrates, rice works great, as does wholemeal pasta or pitch. Add some fat like it almonds or various nutsavocado and dairy products for a varied and healthy diet!

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